Hey guys!  I am sooo excited to show you what I was busy with over the weekend!

DIY-Shelf_edited-1I built this large shelf to display some cute dishes in my kitchen!  I’m so in love with it, and not just because it was EASY 🙂

This is a great project to raid your scrap pile for!  I actually pulled lumber from our scrap pile at our new house but of course, I’ve got you covered on a shopping list if you don’t have the scraps!

Let’s build this bad-boy!

Board-MeasurementsI purchased 2 – 1×8 @ 8ft. and cut 4 pieces at 47 3/4″

Kreg-JigNext, I used my Kreg Jig to drill 3 pocket holes on one side of 3 of the boards.

Pocket-HolesYou can see here that I marked where I drilled my pocket holes.  I attached the boards with 1 1/4″ pocket hole screws.

Shelf-MeasurementsNow for the shelves!  I was able to grab a couple of 2×12’s from the scrap pile at our new home and I cut 2 boards at 29″.  If you don’t have the scraps, you can purchase a 2×12 @ 8ft from your local hardware store.  You can even have them make the cuts for you there!  I then drilled 3 pocket holes on one side of each of the shelves.

Gorilla-GlueLet’s attach the shelves.  Apply a thin line of glue on the edge where you made the pocket holes.

Attaching-the-ShelvesFlip it over and attach the shelf with 2″ pocket holes.  The pocket holes should face down towards the bottom of the piece so they are hidden.  I put the bottom shelf at 11″ from the bottom and the top shelf at 28″ from the bottom.  (I lined up the bottom of each self to the measurement).

how-to-make-miter-cutsNow for the braces!  I used scrap 2×4’s for this part but if you need a 2×4, you only need about 5 ft worth.  I cut 4 pieces at 45 degree angles on each end at 14″ long point to long point.  If you don’t have a compound miter saw, you can accomplish the same with this inexpensive hand saw and miter box below!

How-to-Kreg-Jig-a-45I then drilled 1 pocket hole at the end of each 2×4″.  Notice that I set the 2×4 in with the 45 degree angle flush with the Kreg Jig.

how-to-cut-anglesNow, let’s attach them!

Attaching-BracesI set the braces 2″ in from the sides and attached them with 2″ pocket hole screws.  You can see in the picture where I placed all of my pocket holes.

Back-up-with-screws-on-backAnd, just to be safe. I reinforced the shelves and the braces with 1 1/4″ screws through the back of the piece.

Before-TrimYou can leave the shelf as-is at this point and skip to the finish, or you can add trim to finish it off like this:

Trim-MeasurementsI purchased a 4 ft. 1×2″ and a 3 ft. piece of cove moulding.  I cut 1 piece of cove moulding at 29 1/4″ long point to long point.  I also cut 2 pieces at 1 1/4″ long point to square.  The 2×2″, I cut at 30 1/4″.

how-to-miter-cutFor the cove moulding, I used the same technique as I did with the 2×4’s.  Just make sure to just slide the cove moulding down and swing the arm around for another 45 degree angle.  If you flip it around instead of sliding, the cuts won’t match up.  (The hand saw and miter box can be used here too).

Ryobi-NailerFirst, glue and nail the 1×2 leaving about a 1/2 over hang on the sides.  Follow up with the cove moulding.  It will just wrap around the boards right under the 1×2.  If the angles don’t match up perfect, no worries!  Just use wood filler and sand them down.  No one will notice:)  I used my brad nailer to attach the trim pieces.

Rustoleum-WheatFor the finish, I tried a new color of stain that I LOVE, It is called Wheat but it is not longer available. This stain looks very similar!  I wiped one coat on with a foam brush, let it sit for about 5 minutes and then wiped it down with a clean cloth.  Don’t wipe the stain away, just wipe enough to blend the stain.

Ryobi-Corner-Cat-SanderAnd of course, I can’t just let it be.  I had to break-out the Corner Cat Sander and distress the shelf all over!  I didn’t hold back on the distressing because I really wanted it to look reclaimed and worn!

How did I hang this sucker?  It’s HEAVY!  Probably 60-70 lbs. before stacking the dishes.  I did a little research online for the best way to hang this and I am so excited with my discovery!

I purchased the french cleat above and to be safe, I opted for the 200 lb capacity.  I was a little bit worried about the install (I’ve never used one before).  It was SOOOO easy!  I can’t believe I’ve never used one before.  The instructions are on a video on youtube and that was super helpful AND it comes with a little level so it’s really impossible not to hang it correctly.  It only took me about 5 minutes to hang but I do suggest having someone help assist you in lifting the shelf to attach it to the wall.

DIY-Shelf_edited-1Mission accomplished!  I dressed her up with some pretty white dishes and I’m in LOVE!



DIY-Decorative-ShelfI love how versatile and functional this piece is.  And it’s huge and makes such a statement in a room!  I think the trim on the top gives it a great final touch too!

I hope you all love my large DIY shelf as much as I do!  We always appreciate your shares and pins!  Have a great week!


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  1. So easy to make. Great Plan! We actually made 3. i used the hangman cleat to attach to the wall as suggested in the plan. This works great. Thanks for the great project.

  2. Ladies, what am I doing wrong….I’ve pocket holed my 1×8 boards but when I go to connect them 1 1/4 pock hole screws the boards come right back apart…I’ve done 3/4 pocket holes…any tips?? Thank you!!

  3. Where did you find the Wheat stain? I am building a toy box for my nephew and that color would be perfect!!!

  4. I love this too. I may build 2 of them for my enclosed porch. Put one on each side of the window and then span the distance with on long 2×12. Then put all my pretty vases, over 100 years worth of them, on the shelves. Yep its doable, and will dress it up beautifully.