I told you guys I was in a bit of a building kick…
It’s addicting.
I have wanted beds for my oldest girls’ room now for years but never could bring myself to buy any.  I have made my own headboards in the past but I was really wanting something more permanent.
I loved the lines on that headboard!  I knew that it would be perfect for the girls.
I took Ana’s wonderful plan and “shantied” it up a bit ๐Ÿ™‚
Today I am showing you the headboard.  It is so super easy and cheap.
I went to Lowe’s to get my wood.
Here is what I got…
12- 1x4x4
4- 1x2x4
This was so simple.  It may not be the most professional way to do it… But it worked perfect for me!
I laid my boards out on the ground.  Because I bought 4 footers I didn’t even have to cut any of them.  My middle 10 boards are lined up 8″ higher than my two sides.

I would buy your boards as straight as possible.  I thought mine were super straight and I still had some space when they all lined up.  I do think it will add to the shantiness though so no worries.

I cut one of my 1×2’s the width of my boards.  I then put a line of Gorilla Wood Glue on it.

Lined it up along the bottom boards…

And I used my brad nailer to put a nail through the 1×2 and into each 1×4.
I then used my other 1×2’s going up the rest of the headboard to secure all the 1×4’s.
Here is the backside…
For the next part you will need a jigsaw.  If you don’t own one and can’t borrow your hubby’s, you can rent one from Lowe’s or Home Depot.  I think they are under $20 for the day.  They are easy to use and fun.  It kind of reminds me of sewing… Not sure why ๐Ÿ™‚
To make my pattern I used the sports page:-)
I cut the paper to half the width of my headboard.  I then used a big plate and a pencil to trace and free hand the simple design.  I tried to copy Ana’s design and I think I got close enough.

I then used a pencil to trace both sides on the back of my headboard.

Now the fun part…
I used my DeWalt Jig Saw to cut my boards.  I cut one piece at a time starting from the outside.

I cut all of my boards in a matter of minutes and I was done.  In total I bet I spent less than an hour getting the headboard put together and cut.
The best part??
My total cost into the headboard is $24… Whooop!
Here it is…

And one with my shadow…

Now it just needs a bed….
That will be one of my next posts!!
Thanks Ana for the wonderful inspiration and how-to’s!  You are definitely to blame for this addiction.
Tomorrow I will be announcing the 8 winners of our ScotchBlue Edge-Lock giveaway.  You can still enter before then by going HERE!

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  1. I an SO doing this. My daughter is 3 and still in a toddler bed. We have been looking for a daybed but the prices are rediculous! I may do this but somehow make it a day bed. Any ideas would be welcomed!
    I am waiting for the next post!

    … oh the suspense!

    Look out hubby, here I come… with my jigsaw!

  2. Awesome! We are redoing my daughter's room and needed a new headboard….Could you hear me yell "Todd come look at this!!!"?

  3. It's looking so good! And what a sweet little helper =) Can't wait to see it when you are all done!

  4. Oh you've done a fabulous job! I can't wait to see the finish product. I fell in love with Ana's designs early on and sadly I've only made a book shelf of hers thus far. I plan to build vs refinish a lot more this summer! Finances didn't allow much more than sand paper and spray paint last year.
    I have to ask… what color will it be finished in???