Yep!  I loved Whitney’s Wood-Tex shed so much that we jumped on the bandwagon and got one too!  Here she is 🙂

We moved into our new home back in February and our two-car garage has been over-run by kids riding toys and lawn equipment!


We have always loved Whitney’s Wood-Tex shed and I see so many pretty sheds on their Instagram feed so, we decided to give the Texas branch a call and I’m so happy we did!  You can follow Wood-Tex on Instagram HERE!

I spoke with Travis on the phone and he guided me through the entire process.  I was able to choose everything from the type of door, the type of windows in the door to the type of roof!  You name it, you can customize it!  They were even able to have the shingles on my shed and the paint match my house!

And about a week later, I got the call that my shed was ready for delivery! – How cool is that!

unloading-the-shedThey showed up at my house and began unloading!

helping-outAnd even gave me a try on the mule – they are brave 😉

tight-fitTight fit through our gate 😉

gravel-padThe only thing we had to do to prep for the shed was to lay a gravel pad – nice work from the hubby 🙂


woodtex-garden-shedAnd there it was!



walking-inWhitney and I checking out the inside 🙂

inside-barn-doorsI LOVE the inside! The floor is an LP ProStruct floor with a SmartFinsh – it has a treated wood strand technology that will prevent fungal decay and termite damage.  It also feels very clean and smooth compared to a traditional plywood flooring!  It also helps to keep oil and gas leaks from soaking into the interior of the floor and it comes with a 5 year limited warranty!

inside-front-door-and-windowsThe walls are 1/2″ thick CDX Duratemp Plywood siding with a hardboard face.  It is low maintenance and has a natural wood appearance!  The walls also come with a 50 year limited warranty.

The roof that I chose is an upgrade that has a sheathing with SilverTech.  It reduces the sun’s heat through the roof panel keeping the shed cooler inside – and it makes a HUGE difference!  It also reflects light, making it feel brighter inside.

dormerLOVE our little dormer 🙂 and it allows for more light to come into the shed!

Woodtex-Storage-ShedWe can’t recommend this company enough!  We worked with the Texas branch but they are all over the country! My experience was just as amazing as Whitney’s!  There is nothing better than finding a company with first class customer service and top notch craftsmanship and we are so excited to share the word!

The Wood-Tex guys brought along a video camera so all the fun has been captured (for better or worse?)…me driving the mule, a behind-the-scenes look at how Whitney and I manage family life PLUS a blog, and even a few bloopers.  You’re not going to want to miss that, so head on over to sign up for updates as they release these videos.  You know I’ll be first on that list!  Sign up HERE!

We love following Wood-Tex on their social media pages and would love for you to join us!  They are always sharing new custom sheds they are building for customers and other buildings and products that they offer!  Check them out 🙂




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  1. This is so awesome to see! I work for Woodtex in the Charlotte North Carolina area. I am so impressed with their quality and customer service.

  2. Great shed, love the colors. They have a place about a mile from me ready to deliver in NY. I found a couple I like I want to paint.

    I need to turn mine into a shipping station/craft room! LOL My online business has grown more than anticipated! I need the space SO bad! We apartment live, saving to buy a house, we have at least 1.5 years to go…

    My landlord said I can have a shed though! Woo hoo! Huge yard here and I take it with me to our new house. I was browsing their blog and found your post. I was like, hey I follow them on Pinterest!

    I cant wait to share mine! 🙂 Thanks for sharing yours.

  3. Fabulous! I live in New Zealand and have never seen one before. What are you going to use it for? It looks too fancy for storage! Love it.

    1. I agree Fiona! We are using it for storage now but plan to add a lot of features to it and landscape around it 🙂

  4. That is a very well done web-site and after looking over the site, I see I like all of their products

  5. What colors are the trim, siding and shingles? We are about to buy a shed from them and I like your color scheme. Thanks!

    1. Hi Christy!
      The trim is Sceine by Valspar and the lighter color is Coastal Villa by Valspar! If you tell then you like the Shanty2chic paint they will be able to accommodate 🙂 Thanks so much!