Since I painted my cabinets, I have felt like my floors were a very, orange tone. I had been looking for other flooring options and was leaning, again, towards laminate. It is such a great fit for our family. It is low maintenance, very durable and over the last few years, the appearance of laminates has become incredible!

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Quick•Step reached out to me and asked if I was interested in trying their new laminate product,Envique™. I looked into a bit and was ecstatic to learn that, not only does it have a scratch guard, it has an exclusive HydroSeal coating that repels water from the plank surface, as well as the joints! Quick-Step also offers a 24-hour spill proof guarantee. This is LIFE CHANGING, friends! My biggest fears with wood and laminate flooring is the dreaded leaks and spills, not to mention damage from three rough housing kiddos and a dog!

I was sold, after learning about the scratch guard and the HydroSeal technology, so I dug further into the appearance. The new Envique collection offers six unique and beautiful color options!


Lineage Oak


Urban Concrete Oak


Maison Oak


Tuxedo Pine


Summer Pine


Chateau Oak

With six cool options, I had my work cut out for me when it came to picking one color. Quick Step has an awesome app called Style My Floor.


You can actually take a picture of your room and try out different flooring options! How cool is that! It’s really easy to use!


To start, you can take a picture in the app or upload one from your device.


Then, you just adjust the grid so that the walls and corners match up to the picture.


Once you have the grid aligned, you can move the wheel to try on different flooring options!


It’s kind of addicting 🙂

I also received samples in the mail and shared them, live, on Periscope! If you don’t follow us on Periscope, we would love for you to! It is an app that allows us to broadcast live (think of Skype and FaceTime) and interact with all of you. You can ask us questions and we can answer them, in real time. If you aren’t available to tune-in, live, the video will be available to watch for the next 24 hours. We are having so much fun with it and would love for you to find us @shanty2chic. (I might just share a reveal tour of the flooring soon)! How’s that for a bribe 🙂

During our Periscope broadcast, I took everyone through my selection process and asked for advice. I was torn between the Maison Oak, the Summer Pine and the Chateau Oak, because they all have that pretty, rustic look that pairs so well with our Rustic Chic style.  When I was trying to select the color of the floors, I couldn’t just decide, based on which sample I liked best.


I really love the Summer Pine because it reminds me of the raw pine that we love to build our furniture with. The groves and texture are so realistic and I like that they are light and would brighten up my rooms. However, when I held the sample up to my travertine kitchen tile, the answer was NO! There was not enough contrast between the two colors and they almost clashed with each other.


Chateau Oak is also, so gorgeous and I was very much leaning towards this one. I like the contrast of the grain and the knots. The base color is also light, which would also make the rooms brighter. I loved it against my tile but against the gray cabinets, it had a slight orange tone. I was trying to get away from the orange tone so, I passed on this option.


The Maison Oak was very pretty but it was darker than I was aiming for.  I was really planning on a light and bright color but once I held the sample up to my tile, rugs and cabinets, I was sold! Although it is dark, it has a gray tone to it and it is so rich and beautiful! The contrast of the grain and the base color of the planks aren’t as drastic, which I feel works really well with the distressed furniture we build. Overall, it has that rustic charm that I am looking for with a gray tone that works perfectly with the other colors in my home. Winner!

Moral of the story, you can’t really decide on the color of flooring option you want until you have the samples in-hand and in your home. There are so many variables that differ from home to home and even room to room. What may look orange in my home, due to the natural light, cabinet, wall and tile colors may look completely different in someone else’s home. The Style My Floor App, pictures and comparing samples are great tools to help you narrow your decision down.

I can’t wait to show you how the Maison Oak planks look in my home. The color was a perfect fit and it has inspired my decorating style even more! Which in turn means more furniture builds and free plans for you all!

Check back soon for the reveal post – there might just be a chance for you to win some flooring of your own 😉 (shhhhhh!)

In the meantime, Quick•Step is running an #InspiredDesign Holiday Sweepstakes for a chance to win 1 of 6 @250 cash prizes. You can register HERE!

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