And for the final step I attached the fabric to my drop cloth.  You need to measure how long you want your drop cloth to be and cut it 1″ longer on the CUT end.  That way you don’t mess up your edges that are already finished.

I put a piece of hem tape in between the good side of the fabric and the good side of the drop cloth and ironed it down.  Next, I used my iron to flatten the back down which gives it a nice finished look!

No Sew Window Panels

And that is IT!

dropcloth curtains

How darn simple is that??

For my drapery rings I used these that I found at Lowe’s.  You can also find these at Hobby Lobby.  Just use them on a drapery pole that fits your window.  They just clip to the fabric and then you put them on the pole!

It is a great way to get expensive looking drapes for a fraction of the cost and add some fun fabric into a room to spice it up!

No Sew Curtains

How fun is that??  You get expensive and custom looking curtains for nearly nothing.  I love making these for any room.  They can very easily be modified and changed up as well.

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