Almost Done!!!
Part 4 of this project is the Media Hutch.  It is not included in this picture but Ana designed her own piece to go over the TV!!!  This was definitely one of the easier pieces to this puzzle!
I started by joining the sides to the bottom.
I marked a line to guide where the screws should go.
Predrill your holes by using a drill bit that is a tad thinner than the screws you are using.
Use a generous amount of Gorilla Wood Glue…
and follow up with the screws.
Next I measured for the dividers.
I followed the same steps to attach the dividers.  This is after the first one.
Picture after adding the second divider.
Now to secure the top.
Again, make sure you mark off a line where the screws need to go.
Follow the same steps making sure to secure with Gorilla Glue Wood Glue.
Add the trim using Gorilla Glue Wood Glue and small nails.  I used three nails and hammered them into the top of the hutch.
I used the same nails to hammer the back of the hutch on.  I used 1/4 inch plywood for the back.
Here is the finished pic.  The hutch will actually be at the top over the TV if you can picture it.  I cannot attach it in the right place until I have it upstairs in the gameroom but I was so excited that I wanted to show it:)
Here are pictures of the steps!
Part 4 ~ Media Hutch
I am still going to add drawers to the bottom bases next week!
Go visit Ana over at Knock Off Wood and check out all of the awesome furniture plans so you can dress your house for less!!!  This is my first attempt at building my own furniture from scratch and if I can do it anyone can!!!
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