Hey guys!!  I’m so excited to finally share with you all the flooring choice that I made for our wood floor areas!  If you missed my options, you can see them HERE!

Architectural-Remnants-FlooringI picked Woodland Reclaim/Old Original from the new Architectural Remnants line by Armstrong Flooring!  It is sooooo gorgeous and guess what??  It’s LAMINATE!  Can you believe it?! The average cost, nationally, for this florin is $3.50-$4.50 per sq. ft.!!!!

Everyone that has seen and felt it, since we installed it, cannot believe it when we tell them!  I had several emails and questions on my first post about how this flooring feels/sounds.  The main question being – “Does the floor have a squeaky sound like the laminate that I am used to”?  I can say that after a week of walking all over it, it does NOT have a squeaky plastic sound at all.  In fact, it’s very soft to the touch (much like a freshly sanded board) and it is very dense so it feels very substantial under your feet and it absorbs sound great!  I am shocked that we don’t have an echo in the house after installing it.

Armstrong-Architectural-RemnantWe did choose to install the flooring ourselves, to save money, and the installation process was very easy! I’m going to share our DIY instructions and a final reveal of all of the rooms, with the flooring, very soon!

Laminate-FlooringHere’s another sneak peak 😉  I just can’t get enough!  You have to check out all of the colors in this new line because they are absolutely amazing! I had a hard time choosing just one but this one really stood out because it reminded me of the way we sand down our furniture pieces to get a reclaimed look – match made in heaven 😉

As I mentioned in my first post, about the flooring, we wanted wood flooring throughout the downstairs of our home but, with two boys and a toddler, it’s just not an option. I opted for laminate and my jaw dropped when I found this!  I have the best of both worlds in flooring 😉 Reclaimed wood look and the easy maintenance of laminate!

Be on the lookout for my DIY installation and final reveals very soon!  I can’t wait 🙂

What do you think?


I partnered with Armstrong Flooring for this project.  I was given my choice of flooring to review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. We’re moving into a new home and getting new flooring. I’m wanting to do this but the house has the knotty alder cabinets (they’re very pretty). The floor sample hasn’t came in yet and I am a little nervous with the contrast between the two. Every example I’m seeing is with a white/cream cabinetry. Should I keep the knotty alder look or sand and paint white??? Please help! Thanks.

    1. Hi Heather!
      I have knotty alder cabinets that are stained Carrington (dark brown with a slight red tint). My cabinets do not touch the laminate but my stairs do and they are stained the same color. I think it’s a good fit without being matching but I would definitely look at it against the sample. Cream is a perfect color with the flooring if you are dead set on the flooring!

      1. Thank you so much. I forgot to mention that this is for our kitchen (so the cabinets will be touching the floor). If you get a chance to post another picture of your kitchen choices that would be most helpful. Obviously, I really like your taste. Thanks again for everything you’re doing, it’s making my life a little less stressful right now.

  2. Hey! I noticed it had been a few months–have you posted the next update yet? My husband and I were looking for something just like this!! We will be installing in a few weeks, and would love to read your post on how you did it. (Also, after seeing your raves on the KregJig–we finally bought one. LOVE IT! best purchase ever)

  3. do these floors have that “echoey” sound when walked on by you or dogs? We have friends that bought pergomax, it’s beautiful but… the floors were so loud I immediately decided laminate was not the way to go and i’ll stick with concrete or tile. Im curious if this brand is better and less noisy. any help would be appreciated, thanks!

  4. Are you able to tell yet how easily this flooring shows dirt? I currently have a lighter laminate that show EVERY spec! I am sweeping a couple times a day and want my next choice to be the right one!! Thank you!

  5. Ashley,
    I am in the Grapevine area and was wondering where you got the flooring? Did you order direct or buy from a showroom? I have had bare concrete for years, because reclaimed wood flooring is so expensive, and this is just my style!

  6. Hi, Do you have any more pictures of the flooring? We are really liking this product, but are a little concerned with the one piece that almost has blue tones…. Thank you! 🙂

  7. I have vinyl plank flooring in other parts of downstairs rooms. With cost of product and installation for those areas, doing master bedroom in like material would have proven cost prohibitive. Now I am seriously considering tackling this room myself but wondering if I should do so. Cost of material alone will run about $600 add another $600 to have someone else do the chore. Really how difficult would this be for a fairly handy Grandma to do this? I handle all interior painting, exterior house painting, gardening, furniture refinishing…installation would be over cement slab which has already been denuded of disgusting old carpet and baseboards.

  8. fabulous!!l
    how did you manage under the existing doors and doorposts?
    did you shorten them, and how? (in our house the builder didn’t left enough space under the doorposts where the wood flooring has to be)
    thank you

    1. We used a jam saw to grind them out:). The baseboards, we installed with enough room to slide the wood and underlayment under. If we were replacing existing flooring, we would have just added a small piece of trim around the rooms and painted it the color of our base.

  9. Is yours the

    Woodland Reclaim/Textured Timbers – Old Original Dark/Old Character?

    Woodland Reclaim/Textured Timbers – Old Original/Warm Character?

  10. Laminate is highly recommended actually for animals. :). we looked at everything we could because we have a St. Bernard. Hardwood was specifically not recommended because she would gauge it. And vinyl plank was the same issue. Laminate comes in rankings. We chose none recommended for commercial use, which does cost a hit more but had a lifetime warranty. The only thing with a higher recommendation was a specific kind of woven strand bamboo. (Not regular bamboo, it’s too soft.)

    We just picked almost identical wood! My husband is driving to Chicago to pick it up two Mondays from now. I’m so excited for you! I know.how thrilled I am and you probably are, also! I picked it because I’m renovating a 100+ year old farm house and while I’m ready to be rid of plaster and lathe walls full of horsehair, I do want it to look like a farmhouse still. :).

  11. How is the wear and tear with animals? I never thought about lament but I see a lot of people doing it – I am afraid the heavy traffic areas will wear out – is it warrentied for that?

  12. I’m still flip-flopping between this and staining the cement. But I love the worn look, it totally fits my furnishings and my lifestyle.

      1. I love the look, it even raised my husband eyebrows, that is saying a lot. We are doing a remodel from removing the popcorn ceilings to all the carpet and everything in between, seriously. It is just the two of us and a 50lb goldendoodle, we have 5 kids between us and 6 grandbabies. We also live on a ranch which means grass, dirt, mud or clay, the occasional spider and various forms of manure. Nope we do not kick boots off at the door, in fact I have a hard time with the grandbabies keeping shoes on them. As last year the scorpions where awful, aka killed them daily, and sprayed monthly. And yes I sweep the whole 2400 as ft house daily.

  13. Best looking laminate flooring I’ve seen yet! I have plans to replace the flooring in nearly every room of my home in the not-so-distant future, and this flooring just moved to the top of the list. Can’t want to see the full view and your write up on the installation.

    Did you order direct from Armstrong? Or did you pick it up at blue/orange? Thanks.