Hey guys!  Thanks so much for all of your sweet comments on my revamped hutch yesterday!!

The makeover was too easy using the new Rust-Oleum Furniture Transformations kit!

Today we will be giving one lucky Shanty reader their very own kit!! Woohoo!!

How do you win??

There are 3 ways to enter!!

~Tell us what you would paint with your Furniture Transformations Kit!!

~ Follow Rust-Oleum on Facebook and leave us a comment here telling us you did!

~  Follow Rust-Oleum on Pinterest and leave us a comment here telling us you did!

Make sure to leave a separate comment for each entry!

Can’t wait to see what projects you guys have in mind!  We will randomly choose one winner in a few days!

Ready… Set… Comment!

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  1. I am going to restore an old 1940s or 50s blonde 6 drawer dresser for or newest family member. Our Granddaughter who has come to live with us.

  2. I am following on both facebook and Pinterest. I would redo two end tables that really need a makeover.

  3. I have a vintage desk I’m using for my sewing machine table. I’d like to use Furniture Transformations to revamp that piece.

  4. I am following you on Facebook, and I liked your page. I am in the beginning of transforming my sewing/craft room.. I am going to be refinishing an old dresser, and an old milk crate for beginners…I can not wait for my room to come together, but I do know that these things take time and hard work…which I enjoy..wish me luck. 🙂

  5. I liked you on face book. I would use it to redo my out of date oak water bed ,(have regular mattress in it) I would then glaze it to look antique

  6. I liked, got notifications and added to my list. That product sounds incredible. I bought a little armoire for my granddaughter at a garage sale for $5, yes, $5. Can’t wait to redo it for her!!!

  7. I’ve had my bedroom suit since freshman year in college and now that Im living with my (newly wed) husband and we’re getting ready to move into our first home on our own, I would like to re-paint it! Its been through a couple cats who I didnt notice using the footboard as their scratching post, so it really needs it. Also it’s a dark cherry wood and I think I’ll be doing it in white 🙂

  8. I really want to redo this solid pine dresser I bought at a thrift store. It is really heavy and just plain boring in my bedroom but I needed something cheap since we just moved into our new house and I have lots of things to fix and you guys give me such inspiration!! 🙂

  9. I am now a follower on Pinterest! I am going to paint my hutch, kitchen table an chairs! I am so excited 🙂

  10. I have never painted a piece of furniture, ever. I recently fell in love with a chewed up and scratched up wood coffee table I found second hand for $20. I raced it home and despite my husbands qualms I will restore it! Once I figure out how anyway :D. Rust-Oleum would go a long way in helping this untested painter.

  11. I desperately need this kit! I am in the process of redoing my “very old” furniture in the basement that I use for my jewelry supplies and work area. One dresser is about 40 years old. I am following Rust-Oleum on Pinterest, and Face Book. Love all of the tutorials and information.

  12. I love to redo furniture. I am working on a buffet for my dining room now. When I am done I will post my pictures for you. Following Rust-Oleum on Facebook and Pinterest, love to win the drawing! Love your website!

  13. OMG!!! saw this stuff on Pinterest! I want to try this on my cabinets and counter op when we close on our house. 1950″s so I want to redo them. I so want to try this.

  14. Oh I love the idea of this. I am going to look for it at my Home Depot and do my bedroom furniture. That looks great.

  15. I’m linking up to this post next week! Loved the results of this kit! Thanks for the info!

  16. I would paint my kitchen table… i have painted it so many times but the paint keeps chipping off from the extreme use by my preschoolers!!! love rustoleum!!

  17. I would so repaint my dining room table. Half of it has lost its finish over the years and it could really use a pick-me-up 🙂

  18. I have two pieces of furniture to paint! I have an antique baby changing table and a vanity table. I’d love to do one white and the other a bright, happy color.

  19. Following Rust-Oleum on Facebook and Pinterest! I have two old(er) end tables that, after two small kids, need some serious refinishing. I’d love to try this product!

  20. I would have to start with the upstairs bathroom vanity…it is still original to the home, built in 1960 and needs an uplift badly. Then onto the kitchen. I have what I call a racing stripe running along the bottom cabinets from where my kids would park their stool to stand and watch me cook, or help bake cookies. They need a transformation badly.

  21. I am following Rust-Oleum on facebook and pinterest!!! I have some out of date kitchen cabinets that really need to be painted but I hesitate because I don’t want to go to the trouble to strip them. Winning the Transformation Kit would get me started!!!

  22. The projects at my house are endless. I have an old farm house window I plan to paint the glass & need to refinish the frame.

  23. I’m following Rust-Oleum on Pinterest too! I didn’t know they were on there but i’m very excited to look thru their boards!

  24. What would I not transform with RustOleum? Seriously…I think I should have stock, because they are the ONLY spray paint I will use…and I use the A LOT. I haven’t tried this new kit, so I am VERY intrigued. I do have a fabulous wicker wingback chair that needs to be redone…but I think I would have to try this on the kids dresser that needs a facelift.

  25. I would paint all of my oh so old outdoor furniture. Hear it will last in the Az. sun.

  26. I would love to do my daughters old crib and changing table for her first baby (my first grandbaby) thats due in Oct

  27. I would paint an old stereo cabinet I found at a thrift store! Fingers crossed!

  28. I would paint a vanity I have for my 5 yo daughter. She would love to have me finish it so I can put it in her room. : )

  29. i got the MOST AMAZING buffet curbside. its solid wood, old, and did I mention AMAZING!?!?!?!? it just needs a good revamp and I am one lucky lady!

  30. I would paint my poor dining room table. The top was ruined by a leaky can of hairspray. Imagine that. 🙁

  31. I have an old department store dressing room mirror on wheels in my studio that is in desperate need of a makeover! The wooden frame around the mirror is in a sad way……

  32. Thanks, girls, for this opportunity! I would definitely paint my kids’ “seen better days” laminate bookcase.

  33. Hey There. I would love to use this on a garage sale side table I bought for my son’s room. It is mostly solid wood, but has a laminate top. This sounds like the perfect project. Thanks Ladies!

  34. We’ve got a sideboard in the dining room that I have been itching to paint. But the prospect has always seemed so daunting. This kit would surely make the task easier!

  35. Facebook liked – hope I win! My kitchen table was a $25 Craigs List bargain – but, it needs some Paint!

  36. I have a dresser that is in need of some attention that I would love to use this kit on. Thanks for the chance to win!

  37. I have a hutch that I have been wanting to paint this would be great to try on it!!

  38. I would paint a small builder grade bathroom cabinet in my guest bathroom..

  39. Follow you…. My 13 yo would say I’m a stalker of your website.
    What else do I need to follow?

  40. Following on pinterest
    Glad I went there because I had forgotten to pin changing the brass color doorknobs that I had seen once! Pinned it!
    And I saw a chandelier painted a grey. Beautiful.

  41. I have switched my 8 year olds dresser and bookcase to black, but his bed is still the pine color that matched the baby room furniture. I’d love to give that bed a coat of this paint without any prep work!!

  42. We can’t afford a new vanity in the bathroom & I would love to use this to freshen & put some life into it…What a great invention this is!!…The wood is good but it’s just plain UGLY!!

  43. I have this chair that’s been sitting in my garage for years, would start with that. I would go out and BUY a piece
    of furniture ( a bargain piece of course) with the goal of using the transformation kit to make it my own.

  44. I would use this kit to repaint EVERY surface in my new home! I can’t wait to get started!

  45. I would LOVE this kit. I haven’t repainted anything yet but have so many projects in mind and this would be perfect to help me do it right the first time. I would start with either a dresser for my kiddos or the crib that we’ll need in November!

  46. I am always looking for ways to do my own projects and am getting into basic furniture making and started following your site a week ago. The stains you use seem just right for the projects I want to do and wanted to thank you for all your great ideas and links too! Hoping to share my projects soon!

  47. I have a sideboard table that I bought at the thrift store. It’s in my laundry room to fold clothes on. I would love to redo it.

  48. We are getting ready to buy our first house, and my kitchen cabinets are first on the list! That is..unless I can find a cute hutch like yours…then that’s first. haha!

  49. I would have a hard time choosing,think I would redo kitchen table and chairs,along with 1 odly placed cabinet.

  50. I also “liked” / following Rust- oleum on Facebook. Really want to win this !

  51. Oh – I am totally thinking about doing something like this to my bedroom furniture . . . two large dressers!. Would love the opportunity to try it out for free!

  52. Like Rust-Oleum on FB and is real life. I would makeover a an amiore for my guest room

  53. I can’t wait to give this new product a try! I’ve liked Rust-o-leum on Facebook, too. Thanks!

  54. I would repaint my kitchen table that has been colored on by my children.

  55. I would repaint the chest made for me when I was born for my grandson to go in his new room!

  56. I would like to redo my bedroom furniture. I have been wanting to do it, but it seemed like too much work. This looks great!!

  57. I bought a buffet from Goodwill that’s in need of a major transformation. This product gives me hope that it might be easier than I thought.

  58. I would paint our old tv/turned homeschool hutch. It’s the ugliest light wood color and not at all my style! Would love to win and get to painting!

  59. I have just finished painting my kitchen cabinets,they were oak, with a different product and would LOVE to see how the Rust-Oleum kit would work on two cabinets in my living room that are currently a little too matchy matchy for me!

  60. I would paint my very outdated “country kitchen” table & chairs. I’ve been dying to paint them another color for years and this would make it an easy weekend project!

  61. I have the dining table that my parents had when we were kids, so needless to say it could use a nice coat of paint. Right now I have to always keep it covered with a tablecloth. I have been planning to sand, prime, and paint it, but this looks like the perfect product for this project!

  62. We just purchased a wonderful lake house that came partially furnished! I want to repaint an old dresser (think from the 60’s) and decopage the drawers with paper printed with fishing lures!!

  63. I like them on Facebook and Following all their boards on Pinterest….

    I would love change up the color of my craft desk at my apt b/c it is a really dull brown and I would love to spice up with a much lighter color. This kit would be perfect item to make the change!

  64. After I move, I’m starting the search for the perfect dining table, chairs, and china cabinet/hutch – would paint them either the kona or the cabernet.
    And if I don’t like my new kitchen – I’ll be using their countertop and cabinets kits as well.

  65. I have an OLD side table that needs a facelift. That’s what I would do first!

  66. I would paint my vanity in the bathroom….its in desperate need of some tlc!

  67. I’ve been putting off sanding and refinishing a desk and chair for my goddaughter. I would use the kit to more easily get the job done!

  68. And followed them on Pinterest. They’re sure got some great photos there . . . I especially love the washer & dryer . . . I’m so going to do that to my VERY mismatched set. (Washer’s blue, dryer’s white . . . lol)

  69. Hmmmm . . . I think I would have to paint my desk: a really nice oak desk that’s perfect for me . . . but it’s 15 years old, the finish is gone in front of the keyboard and along the top of the drawers, and it really needs some love! (The classic “80’s orange oak” color really needs to go . . . ;o) So, pick me! Pick me! lol

  70. I’m following on Pinterest – had no idea Rust-Oleum had so many pins!! Can’t Wait to go through all of them for ideas!!

  71. We recently moved into an 1850’s era house. It’s amazing. However, the fireplace mantels have been painted an unfortunate brown. I’d love to re-do them!! It sounds like this would make my project much easier!!

  72. I have a hutch I have been wanting to fix up for my gardening/planting supplies. Having everything in one kit is a great idea!

  73. I have 2 dressers that I am itching to transform . The kit would be perfect! I am following on Pinterest.

  74. I would paint my bedroom set…change it from the ugly 90s “wood” to something modern!

  75. I would love to paint my huge dresser in my bedroom. It is the ugliest brown, which I would love to paint white with yellow handles to brighten it up!

  76. I would paint an old dresser to use as a changing table for my new nephew or niece.

  77. I have some outdoor furniture that needs redone. Would love the chance to do this.

  78. I would paint an old dry sink!! I am planning on purchasing this kit, but hoping I might win it!!!

  79. I just bought some barstools at a yard sale and they are in dire need of paint so that is definitely what I would use this on 🙂

  80. I would paint this entry way bench I’ve been saving for a DIY job just like this! Thank you!

  81. I’m following rustoleum on pinterest now. They have so many great projects to try!

  82. I just obtained this new-to-me hutch, of course I’m going to change it 🙂
    I was really dreading the sanding portion…BUT NOW! YAY! I won’t have too! Thanks for sharing this wonderful new product!

  83. I would paint my dining room table! It’s in great need of a make-over!

  84. I would love to paint two twin headboards I have in my guest bedroom. Right now, they are a light oak and to make them pop, I would really love to paint them either a white or a black. They have a nice detailing on them too, which I think would make them even look better with a transformation! Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome product!

  85. I would redo my kitchen table and chairs. They are in need of some love and this would be perfect.

  86. i dont have any furniture now, but when we move i will def find a piece of “me” furniture to makeover….maybe a really nice end table

  87. WooHoo!! I’ve been researching this product for the past year or so to redo my kitchen cabinets and countertop, but i’m too chicken to jump into such a big project. This would be PERFECT to help me redo my dining room table and chairs!!

  88. I would paint my two book shelves in our dining room! They are desperate need of a reformation! 😉 My house is all brown towns with blue accents and these book shelves have a red tint varnish on them. They were given to me years ago. It sure would make things look better!

  89. I have the perfect project for this little miracle in a box…my queen size bed 🙂

  90. I would paint my family room armoire, and the dining room and kitchen tables. And maybe even the desks in my living room turned classroom.

  91. What would I do? More like where to start. We need to update old kitchen cabinets, basement paneling, and a dresser in the garage that needs work so it can go in our son’s room. And that is just three of so many projects that we could use use a little help. Thanks for the chance.

  92. I can’t wait to try this product – I followed Rust-o-leum on Pinterest as well.

  93. I have already decided that I’m going to redo my bedroom furniture. My husband is going to build us a bed based off of Ana White’s design for the Farmhouse Queen bed. Woot!

  94. I recently used Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations in my kitchen, going from old knotty pine to a GORGEOUS distressed cream! LOVE that product!! If I won the Furniture Restoration, I would definitely choose to make over my dining rooom set. It was given to me several years ago by a dear family friend, but the black finish (which I loved at the time) is bringing me down and making my dining room too cave-like! I would love to lighten it up!! And by refinishing it, I still get to hold on to the fact that it was given to me by someone I love, only now it would be more reflective of MY style. Best of both worlds!!!! 🙂

  95. Following rust-oleum on Pinterest. I have a bedroom suite in the guest room we’ve had since EARLY days of marriage (and we’re having our 50th anniversary in June!) Would love to get rid of the last matchy, matchy suite in the house by painting all three pieces.

  96. Im still working on transforming a gun cabinet into something else.. so I could definitely use this on that. Thanks for the chance

  97. I have an old desk that I started to strip, gave up and started to repaint, but I hated the color. I would love to win the Rust-Oleum package because I know what I want now … I just need something easy to make it happen.

  98. I’m following on Facebook and Pinterest. I have been wanting to paint my grandmother’s old china cabinet and hutch for years but with 3 little girls I haven’t found the time or energy to do it! The one box kit is music to my ears. It looks simple enough that I might get done before little hand prints are permanently set in the finish!

  99. I have a dresser that is currently black, that I have been wanting to paint white. I was intimidated by the finish and having to sand and prime it… after your post yesterday I am intimidated no more! I am going to buy the kit and refinish my dresser over Memorial Day Weekend.

  100. Wowzer! I am following Rustoleum on FB and cannot wait to start some projects.

  101. I have a hand-me-down book shelf for my baby girl’s room that needs an update desperately! I would love to try the Rustoleum kit. It needs a good Shanty-ing.

  102. I have a rocking chair that I got for free with intentions of revamping it, only it’s been sitting in my garage for a month or so now b/c I don’t have something like this awesome kit to do it with!!

  103. Hi! Thanks so much for the giveaway! I follow Rustoleum on Pinterest! Love your cabinet! I would paint a kitchen cabinet!

  104. I would revamp my son’s rummage-sale-find dresser. Since I’m completely redoing his room (walls, ‘new’ bed, new flooring) he needs a ‘new’ dresser to match!

  105. I would definitely try to revamp the dresser in my bedroom. Over the years, my style has changed and shockingly, my color choices too! This would be the perfect way to re-use something that works perfectly well, but get a new look :))

  106. Following Rust-oleum and would like to try the Furniture Transformations Kit on an old Dry Sink we have we want to use it in the kitchen Looks like a great process they have.

  107. I would redo a curio cabinet that I have in my kitchen. I don’t want to get rid of it, but it just doesn’t match. Hopefully, this will help me out! Thanks again!!

  108. I would love to repaint an armoire my husband made in high school. (If he will let me.) It is a great piece but needs a little updating. I went and bought the kit yesterday to try on a cabinet in my kids bathroom. So excited!

  109. I’d use it to redo a beautiful old and rather primitive secretary that I want to put in my granddaughter’s room.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  110. I have repainted several pieces of furniture and my daughter is wanting me to repaint a small desk that she got at a garage sale. When I saw this kit on your website, I knew it was going to be what I used next time.

  111. I would do the huge entertainment center I just purchased from craigslist! I have been debating starting this project due to the amount of work it is going to involve… a huge center piece and two lighted side book cases…I think I have no found the inspiration I need to start it….

  112. I woke up early today JUST so I could enter for this giveaway!!! I desperately need to makeover my living room bookshelf with this, probably in the same color you chose.

  113. I would paint my old rocking chairs I picked up at a yard sale a few years back! :-

  114. Hmmmm. Our headboard needs a redo. Thinking it would look better painted black? Maybe a crazier color?! 🙂

  115. followed on pinterest. would so love to have this, some things need a face lift here.

  116. I would repaint the armoire used to house my old-school tv in the living room–it could use some new life!

  117. i would paint these 2 bookshelves that have been black for sooooo long..they need a new dash of color!!!

  118. My kitchen table would be a perfect project for this great product by Rust-Oleum

  119. Love your blog and seeing everything you do, very inspiring. I have an 80’s tv cabinet that needs new life. Would love to win to try out the rust oleum furniture transformations.

  120. I have two end tables that I haven’t refinished yet. This is just what I would use.

  121. I am now following Rust-Oleum on Pintrest – thank you for a great give-a-way!!

  122. I am now a follower of Follow Rust-Oleum on Facebook – thanks again!

  123. I have a piece of furniture just like this that I would loooove to make over! Thanks for all your incredible work and inspiration here at Shanity-2-Chic!

  124. I would paint a large hutch my husband made 20 years ago!! It needs a makeover!

  125. Following Rustoleum on interest and got a lot more great ideas from them!

  126. I guess it was once a tv hutch ….. It was left in my house when I bought it. I use it for storing my craft supplies, but giving the ugly old finish a coat of paint using Rustoleum would transform the entire room!

  127. I follow Rust-Oleum on Pinterest. Lots to look at on Pinterest. Fun Stuff!

  128. I have a small cabinet that I have in my entryway. I bought it for $8.00 at a yard sale. It needs a transformation! and I have an old dress I would like to re-do.

  129. A pair of wood bookcases my father-in-law gave me that have been sitting in the attic because the wood doesn’t match anything in my house.

  130. I would paint a wooden chest that my sister made in high school. It needs some updating.

  131. O my goodness I would just jump with two feet into a dresser revamp. That is desperately needed! Such a cool product!

  132. Followed Rustoleum on Facebook, Pinterest and am already your follower 🙂 I am anxious to try the Furniture Transformations on my grandmother’s dough box. It is over 50 years old and a little worse for wear. Also the top of her cedar chest.

  133. I’d paint a china hutch that I inherited from my mom. It would look gorgeous in the color you used and I think she’d like that I would be transforming it into something that I love.

  134. I have really been wanting to redo my table in my breakfast nook and boy, would this kit be perfect for that job!

  135. The possibilities are so endless…..but I think I would like to do a cabinet for a corner in my family room or either a couple of nightstands.

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  136. I am going to redo my bathroom vanity. Would love to win this. Thanks for the opportunity!

  137. I just found a vintage hutch at a garage sale today and picked it up for a steal at $15 ! I would love to use this amazing system on it if I win . Keep my fingers crossed lol .

  138. Following Rust-Oleum on Facebook!!I
    My house is in much need of some TLC!!!

  139. I would finally paint this antique wood vanity bench/stool that I bought for $8 at a local yard sale. I see its potential!!

  140. following on Pinterest. Also, Have thought that instead of my dresser, I may give it to my mom to update her cabinets.

  141. I would use it to transform the only dresser I have had for my entire life. My mom painted it lavender for me when I was 14 and Although It is still my fav color, it think the 32 year old me needs an update.

  142. My father-in-law built a headboard for my husband’s bed when he was a child. I would love to paint it and put it in my son’s “big boy” room for him to use when he outgrows his crib. I love the headboard, but I really don’t care for the old stain on it, so this would be just the thing to breathe new life into it!

  143. I would paint my sons bed or their play table. I just can’t choose! Maybe BOTH?! 🙂

  144. I am thinking about painting my kitchen table. Followed Rust-Oleum on Pinterest… thanks so much!!!

  145. I have a hutch that is almost identical to yours from my grandparents! I’ve been needing to give it a makeover.

  146. I would paint a small side table and a console table for my newly painted living room.

  147. I’m also following you girls on Pinterest and FB (along with a million other people, I know), possible bonus points??? 😉
    A girl can try, right?

  148. Our living room coffee table is in need of a makeover. Both my kids eat on it, jump on it, play on it and color on it YIKES. Been needing to repaint it for awhile

  149. I would definitely paint this little side table I purchased for $7 at a thrift store.

  150. I’m just starting the project of re-doing my sister’s kitchen table and chairs so it would be great to use this for the project.

  151. LOVE the hutch and I was going to say something yesterday but I got sidetracked by the awesome Rust-Oleum cabinet and counter top products out there! I was thinking of using the Furniture Transformation Kit for my kitchen cabinets but now that I know they have a kit for that, I’ll have to try it on something else- like maybe my entertainment center, or my crappy dresser and night stand. 🙂

  152. Yay!! So excited about this! I have a dresser I am turning into an entertainment center – this will be perfect! And it looks like it’s not available in CA yet, so I’d love to win! Thanks!

  153. I would re-do sooooo many things! But for sure…I would re-vamp my table and chairs set and some old bookcases.

  154. The wood trundle bed in our guest room so people might actually want to come visit!

  155. I would paint my dining room table. It needs to be refinished really bad.

  156. And on Pinterest!
    P.S. Also, for reasons from past experiences, I ONLY use Rustoleum products and their other brands like Varathane and Zinsser because they’re the best. And not just for their quality. I have contacted Rustoleum on several different occassions via email AND phone and have always received professional AND CORRECT instructions. LOVE THEM!!

  157. If I were to win this kit I would paint my hand-me-down bedroom set that will eventually turn into nursery furniture!

  158. I would paint our old square end table– I would use the fruit punch color!

  159. I can’t decide what I would paint. Either my dining room table, my hutch (If I can convince the hubs to allow it) or the vanity in my guest bathrooms! Oh the choices!

  160. I would LOVE to win this. It’s probably the only way I’ll convince my husband to paint a piece of furniture. But my girls would love it!

  161. My son has some old (orange-y) furniture that our now deceased grandfather gave him. We just recently painted his room in a steel gray and black (ish) furniture would look fabulous. This would be a great way to keep his grandfather’s memory in the room, but with an updated look!

  162. Love to try this product. Have several projects in mind—one being a bathroom cabinet along with some furniture pieces.

  163. i have the perfect piece – a china hutch i want to convert to an armoire for extra storage in my bedroom! kristinmik at gmail

  164. I would redo some of my hand-me-down kitchen furniture…like my hutch, unless I find a better find before then, lol!

  165. I would love to win this!! I would paint a sofa table that needs “updating” in my living room….then if I have enough, I would paint a coffee table to match.

  166. I would redo my bedroom set. I love the set but…it’s “Everybody Loves Raymond” pine. Not only pine…but that is the exact set that I have! GAH…must learn to do something to it! Thank you!

  167. I always have a project to do!! I have some kids chairs that need to be painted and fixed.

  168. I snagged a little side table for almost nothing at Good Will a while ago and it’s sad looking. I would turn it into a beauty using this kit 🙂

  169. I am new to the furniture painting world. But I am having a blast. Didd a few pieces of my own and now some for friends. Love learning about new products. Would love to try this out on a bombe’ chest I have or even my kitchen cabints.

  170. I have the original coffee table that my girls grew up around (learning how to stand, etc). It is beat up and has been moved to the playroom and needs some seriously love…I would refinish it!

  171. I would paint the dresser in my entryway. I’m tired of the black and feeling the need for some bright color!

  172. I would redo my daughters dresser and nightstand, to make it more girly (it was a hand me down and isn’t very “cute”).

  173. Great giveaway! I would paint my bedroom set. Yes, all of it….bed, dresser, and nightstands. Maybe not with one kit but it would be a start!

  174. I would paint my dining room table that really needs it after 4 kiddos and a family get together.

  175. would love to use the winterfog or chocolate on a coffee table project but think the Laguna would be perfect for my boys room !

    What a nice giveaway! thank you for the chance to win !!
    Natalie W

  176. Oh gosh…where to begin. I have a beautiful hutch I would love to re-do, along with a dining table and chairs. Do I guess I would start there!

  177. My mother-in-law has a wooden hutch that she got for free over 20 years ago (her neighbor was throwing it out). Other then It’s missing a knob, It’s still in perfect condition! With a little paint love it will fit perfectly with the recent renovation she has done in the room! I’ll paint it for her!!!

  178. I would paint my coffee table and entry table. They are both black and I’ve been wanting to lighten them up! 🙂

  179. Kitchen table and bathroom cabinets!! It excites me just thinking about it 🙂

  180. I am currently stalking Craigslist for an old hutch to paint, so I would use it for that!! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  181. I have a set of 1940’s nightstands that have been screaming at me since I got them. They would be the perfect project to try the kit on. I have a 1940’s dinning room set that I have been building the nerve up to redo as well. But I think I should start small.

  182. I would makeover my daughter’s bedroom furniture. I wish I would have know about this kit when I painted our bedroom furniture-it would have been so much easier. 🙂

  183. My kitchen table and 4 chairs are in a desperate need of a make over…especially after have re-claimed hardwood floors put in. My table is very out of place and this would be the answer to the eye sore!

  184. About a month ago, someone gave me this vintage looking desk and chair… Usually, I’d start sanding away but this desk, because of all the design on it, completely intimidates me! I’ve redone MANY pieces of furniture but because this piece is so nice, I’m scared I’ll mess it up — so, in my bedroom it sits. I’ve set a large mirror on it to turn it into a vanity.., but still, it sits.. An ugly brown color. SO, if I win (fingers crossed) I’d love to FINALLY get it & the chair painted the same color as the hutch you did!

  185. I am always looking for new ideas on how to paint old furniture! I likes rustoleum of facebook and of course I am following them on Pinterest!!

  186. When I win (haha thinking positively!!!), I will transform my old ratty black hutch and cabinet! 😀

  187. I would paint the paneling in my kitchen. I know, it’s not technically furniture, but it is laminate (unfortunately it is think and would require re-drywalling, which isn;t in the budget.) I was really excited to hear that this works on laminate!

  188. I would love to re- do a dresser that my great uncle gave me for my kids’ playroom. My great uncle never had kids but was always great to me and my brother and I know he would love seeing this dresser put to good “re-use”

  189. We have a TV cabinet in Matte Black we plan on redoing–this would be great…

  190. I would update my daughter’s “little girl” bureau to something a teen would be happy to have in her room.

  191. So many things to paint…a dresser, pedestal table, a bench, the list goes on and on.

  192. My husband would love for me to refinish an old vanity desk that has been sitting in our garage for a couple of years!

  193. I’d love to try it. I’ve got some pieces of my childhood furniture that desperately need a makeover. Think 1970’s style…not attractive, ha.

  194. I have an old desk which I would like to use in my living room if I can make it look decent.

  195. I have inherited a bedroom set (2 nightstands, dresser, armoire, headboard) that could use a little TLC. This product sounds perfect for the job! I think I might need a few boxes though. 🙂

  196. I’ve got three dressers I’d like to paint…and a bunch of chairs…ad a kitchen table if my husband will let me!

  197. OOhh! I need to get my hands on some in Espresson to re-finish a coffee table that has seen better days…

  198. I would love to paint a dresser, a tv stand, kitchen cabinets and so much more!

  199. I’ve been wanting to paint my dining chairs. I was thrilled when I saw this yesterday because it looks so dang easy!

  200. I am doing an armoire make-over for my daughters new room!! This would help so much!! Thanks

  201. I bought and am currently renovating my very first house (an exciting and overwhelming task) I would love to try this on my dining room table!

  202. I have been trying to figure out what to do with a dresser I bought to store craft/sewing supplies in. I need to make a decision, and this kit seems like the PERFECT Solution! It’s ugly now, but maybe I can make a transformation like the one you did on your gorgeous hutch!

    1. There are so many things I would paint. My husband said “so are you going to paint everything we own”. I told him Maybe and if he did not watch out he could get a coat of paint too. I would probably start with my bathroom vanity. I would love to try this product.

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