Shanty Style

We LOVE style, whether we are dressing a home or ourselves! We get lots of questions about our wardrobe picks, on our social media pages, and we thought it would be fun to dedicate a page to our Shanty Style!

We are proud to be sponsored by our favorite and first choice for our wardrobe collection – Altar’d State!

altard state logo

We love this brand. They have an amazing story and donate 1% of all sales to local and international charities and their greatest goal is to give back. Not only does Altar’d State provide fashionable alternatives for women, they also inspire women to stand out – for good! Here are a few of our favorite picks for this season!

Left: Gray Jacket, Burgundy Tee, Jeans, Booties – by Altar’d State

Right: Brown Sweater, Denim Skirt, Booties – by Altar’d State

Left: Green Top, Jeans, Booties – Altar’d State

Right, Denim Jacket, Gray Tee, Jeans, Booties – Altar’d State

Left: Jacket, Burgundy Tee, Jeans, Booties – by Altar’d State

Right: Cardigan, Gray Tee, Jeans, Boots – by Altar’d State


Left: Pink Dress by Altar’d State

Right: Kimono, booties and jeans by Altar’d States


Left: Dress and Cardigan from Altar’d State

Right: Floral Dress from Altar’s State


Left: Sleeveless tank, bracelets and necklace from Altar’d State

Right; Bracelets and sleeves tunic from Altar’d State


Left: A sleveless dress paired with a cardigan, booties, crocheted boot cuffs and a feather necklace to finish it off.

Right: A long-sleeved cotton dress layered over a slip dress. Whitney paired this with a light-weight sweater vest and booties. The leather fringe necklace dresses up the outfit perfectly!


Left: A tan cotton dress layered over a lace full slip, paired with a crocheted vest, booties and a tassle necklace.

Right: A long-sleeved lace dress layered over a lace hem full slip, paired with fringe booties and a beaded necklace.


Left: A cotton dress layered over a lace hem full slip, paired with a faux fur sweater vest, neutral booties and a medallion necklace.

Right: The Mowgli dress layered over an antique lace full slip, paired with a crocheted, hooded, sweater vest fringe booties and a chevron necklace.


Left: A long sleeved gray vintage t-shirt paired with Magic Moto Jacket, a pair of skinny jeans and booties. Ashley added the beaded necklace to dress up the t-shirt.

Right: A long-sleeved cotton sweater layered with a plaid vest, paired with skinny jeans and a long leather tassle necklace.