Hey Guys!!

I wanted to share another project I just did with my Silhouette!
I made a Christmas banner!
This is how I made it!
I used my very favorite new tool to make this project…
It’s my Silhouette Machine!!  Have you entered our giveaway??! If not, click HERE!  If you already have then keep reading for an extra entry!
This is the space leading from my living room into my kitchen.  I decided it needed just a little something.
I started with cardstock from Hobby Lobby in black and in cream.  I got these packs half off which makes them so even cuter!
I started by cutting my black cardstock in 6″ strips for my letters.  I attached the paper to my cutting mat for my Silhouette.
Here is the screen view of my computer when I was ready to cut my first letters.  I can’t stress enough that this is my VERY FAVORITE feature of this baby.  You can use any font that you have on your computer and also download free fonts from online sites.  That gives you endless font choices without the charge and hassle of a cartridge!! Love it!
I loaded my cutting mat into my machine and it did the rest of the work.
Then I peeled my letters off.
Then I cut my cream cardstock in 6×6 squares.
And used good old Elmer’s to attach the letters to the squares!
I then used some extra cardstock I had to cut a scrolly(pretty sure that is the professional term) stencil.
Then I used my very favorite acrylic paint color Seamist to stencil the scrolly on to the cards.  I decided to put each scrolly in a different place on each card.  I used a stencil brush and dabbed the paint up and down rather than brushing it on.
While the paint was still wet I added a little iridescent glitter just for fun!  I also used an ink pad to distress the edges a bit.
Now I had all my letters ready to go!
I used a hole punch to put a 2 holes at the top of each card.
Then I used a long piece of twine to hold all my letters up. Ribbon works too but I love the look of the twine!
I hung it up and Oooooh I love it!  It makes me happy 🙂
How fun is that??
Who needs this machine? I think you all do!
 Thanks so much guys!!

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