Are you looking to add to your tool collection? Here are some of our very favorite tool accessories that you don’t realize you need until you need them! They’re all very affordable, they don’t take up very much storage space AND you will use them often!

Shop Accessories

Kreg Quick Flip

We love the Kreg Quick Flip for hiding our screws! One side pre-drills a pilot hole.

Flip it around and use the driver to drive the pocket hole screw inside the bored hole!

See it used for this build!

Kreg Panel Carrier

Large plywood sheets are so large and heavy to manage! We love having our Kreg Panel carrier on hand to move large sheets of plywood around our shops and you can take it with you to the hardware store!

Used in all of our plywood builds like this one!

Kreg Project Blocks

These guys come in a set of four and they’re perfect for lifting your pieces up off of your work surface to sand and add a finish! Twist the base to pop the tips up!

Used in so many builds like this one!

Kreg Cabinet Hardware Jig

We use these jigs every time we install cabinet hardware. They take the brain work out of measuring and marking for hardware and make it very easy to achieve a flawless consistent pull for each cabinet and drawer!

Used in this tutorial!

Kreg 90ยฐ Pocket Hole Driver

This little guy comes in so handy for those hard-to-reach areas when you’re building!

Used in so many builds like this one!