DIY Chalkboard Sign

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Hey there!  I’m so excited to share my first DIY fall decor project today!  It’s been a little hard to get into the fall spirit this year with our near 100 degree temps but I finally got the itch!

Fall-Decorating-Pallets and ChalkboardsI came up with this cute little design made from 1×3’s and MDI letters!  I spent under $15 for the entire project and it was super quick and easy 🙂  My kind of DIY!

Here’s how I made it!

measurementsI purchased 2 – 1×3’s @ 10 ft. long (you can buy furring strips for this project to save money) and I cut 16 pieces at 14″.  If you don’t have a saw you can purchase this hand saw and miter box below for this project.  It’s a great saw for little projects like this 🙂

attach-shims-with-brad-nailsI used Gorilla Glue Wood Glue and my Ryobi Airstrike with 5/8″ brad nails to attach shims to the back of 4 boards to form the pallets.

attach-shims-with-finishing-nailsIf you don’t have a brad nailer, you can use a hammer, wood glue and 5/8″ finishing nails.  I tried it on one pallet and it worked great, it just takes a little more time 🙂

020066208455lgNext, I went with a lighter stain, than usual, to finish the pallets – Rust-Oleum Light Walnut!  I LOVE it:)  I also used it on my Pallet Wall Art and my DIY Dresser.

staining-woodI just wiped one coat on with a foam brush, let it sit for 5 minutes and then wiped with a clean cloth.  Don’t wipe the stain away, just make sure the stain is evenly spread over the boards.

While the stain dried, I got busy working on the letters!

MDI-lettersI purchased these 9″ MDI letters from Hobby Lobby.  If you catch them on sale, they are about $1 each!

Rust-Oleum-Chalkboard-Spray-PaintI sprayed 2-coats of Rust-oleum Chalkboard spray paint on each letter.

chalkboard-paint-lettersMake sure to let the paint dry between coats 🙂

distressing-woodWhile I was waiting for the spray paint to dry, I used my Ryobi Corner Cat to distress the pallets.  I distressed all over, front, sides and edges.

Now for some cuteness 🙂

hot-glue-letterI hot glued 1 letter on each pallet.  I left about 1 inch between the bottom of each letter and the bottom of the pallet.

raffia-and-burlapI also used scrap burlap (you can purchase it at Hobby Lobby or a local fabric store) and I purchased raffia at Hobby Lobby to finish these babies off!

tie-raffiaI grabbed a bunch of raffia strands, wrapped them around the top of each pallet and tied a knot between the first and second boards.

add-rossetteI then used hot glue to attach a burlap rosette on top of the knot and I snipped the extra raffia, with scissors, about an inch from the knot. You can click HERE for an easy tutorial to make these rosettes!

rubbing-chalkNow, to give the letters the true chalkboard look, I rubbed a piece of chalk all over the letters and wiped them down with a paper towel!

Fall-DecorLove it!  I also thought it would be fun to have my family list things we are thankful for on each letter – so we did 🙂


Easy-Fall-DecorFall-Decorating-Pallets and ChalkboardsI’m totally loving my first DIY fall decor of the season and I think it’s just what I need to shake the 100 degree temps and get into fall 🙂

I hope you love this as much as I do!  If you do, we would appreciate your shares and pins!

Happy Fall!