How to Install Drawer Slides

Hey guys!  I promised I would be back with a drawer slide tutorial and here it is!

DIY-Storage-BedI shared my daughters new storage bed last week and the drawer slides seemed to be a tutorial in themselves.  When I first started building, drawers were my worst nightmare.  No matter how hard I tried to make them perfect, they would always have some wonk to them.  After a few years of trial and error, I’ve found my groove and it’s a surefire fit for me every time!

mark-drawer-face-widthThe drawer faces for this bed are flush with the frame so I set a scrap piece of 3/4 plywood (what the drawer face is made of) and marked where it will sit inside the frame.

where-to-place-drawer-slidesMy drawer slide will sit against this line.

attach-slideI used my Ryobi Tek4 right angle drill to install the screws.  This isn’t a must, any drill will do but this is my favorite tool to use for drawer slides!

install-screwsI install a screw at the beginning, middle and end of the drawer slide.  I did this on the other side of the frame too.

dry-fit-drawer-slidesNext, I slid on the slides that attach to the drawer

measure-slide-to-slideand with all of the slides in, I measured from slide to slide.  The length of these drawers are about 23″ but you need to measure and cut as you go!

cut-drawer-bottomI cut the drawer bottom to fit the measurement and slid it in to make sure it fit!

attach-face-from-behindI then built the drawer accordingly and attached the slides onto the drawer box.  I finished it off by nailing the face frame on from the inside of the drawer

attach-drawer-faceand added a few nails on the front. (the casing covered these up so no filler!)

Storage-Bed-DIYThat was it!!! If you have been intimidated by drawers or you have a love/hate relationship with them, I hope this tutorial helps!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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  • kaity

    I love what you did! Where did you get that bedspread? Both the blue and the white one.

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  • Janet Cornwall

    THANK YOU!!! I am building Ana’s plan for the reclaimed wood nightstands right now. Both frames are built and waiting for drawers, they have been for a few days now. I’m stalling because drawers scare me! Your tutorial is great and the pictures explain a lot. I love that you have a way to “test fit” the drawer BEFORE you build it. Brilliant! I may actually get the drawers finished now. This tutorial should be linked to all her plans with drawers. Love it!

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  • Melissa

    I’m sure you have posted it somewhere before, but what material do you use for the bottom of the drawers? I have an old accent chest I’m redoing but the drawer bottoms are busted. Spring has me itching to get busy on it!

  • Meg Shannon

    Your blog us becoming a daily must read for me! Thanks for the tips. We were trying to decide on doors or drawers for an upcoming g project. This makes drawers seem much more diy-able. Thanks!


    Great tips, Ashley! Building drawers is the bane of my existence. This looks like it’ll make it so much easier! Thanks for sharing!

  • Dona Stone

    You are a genius. Last time, I built the drawers based on my drawings and I was 1/8 inch short in width so I had to shim up the slides. UGH!!! Thanks for sharing this. Your timing couldn’t be any better.

  • eesh

    Thanks so much for posting this Ashley! It’s so nice to have the steps written down in an easy to follow format :) Cause every time I go to install a drawer I inevitably forget some step and they end up wonky! I will definitely be pinning this so I don’t lose it!