Hey hey friends!  Happy Wednesday! We are sharing a quick and fun scrap pile project today!  These are a great way to put those scraps to use, and pretty up your walls with this Modern Farmhouse Wall Planters!  Check out our YouTube video on how to build these planters HERE or below!

Before we get started, check out the FREE PLANS by clicking HERE!

If you don’t have scraps laying around, this is still a two board project!  First, make your cuts.  Your two 2×6 boards will be 15″ long each.

You will also cut two 1×2 pieces at 15″ and one piece at 2.5″.

Now add a line of wood glue down both sides of one of your 1×6 boards.  We use our Glu-bot for this!  Guys…. You NEED this glue bottle in your life.  It’s around $7 and you won’t go back to using regular bottles again!  You can see it HERE on Amazon!

Now use a nailer with 1.25″ brad nails to attach the 1×2 boards flush with both sides.

At this point, your boards should look like this…

Now for the small pieces!

You will attach them the same way, with wood glue and nails.

Final step to build these is to add the top 1×6 board.  Just add a line of wood glue on all the 1×2 boards and attach the top board using the nailer.

Time for a finish!  We used Varathane stain in Briarsmoke…. Our current fav!  If you can’t find it locally, you can find it HERE on Amazon!

After the stain dried, we used a sander to distress the finish a bunch to give it a weathered look.  Here they are all pretty on the wall… Magical 😉

Hope you love them!  Be sure to check out the video tutorial to help you build your own!

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  1. Does this use 1 x 6 lumber or 2 x 6 lumber. At the beginning, it says to cut the 2 x 6 lumber 15″ long. In another place it says to glue the 1 x 6 pieces to the 1 x 2s.

      1. doesn’t look like anyone replied, but I just drilled a small hole in the top of the back. Put a nail in the wall with a head on it and placed the planter on there. You could use a saw tooth picture hanger, but this will make the planter tip slightly from the wall. There are several other options too, but these two are the simplest!