Shanty Photo Display Idea #2

Hey guys!  I promised this to you over the weekend but found lots of other things to do… Sorry 🙂 My next frame/display idea is even cheaper and easier than the last!  It’s still cute though!  Here it is… These make a super cheap but so chic gift for Christmas.  Here is how I did {…Read More…}

Cheap but Chic Christmas Gift!

Hey Guys!! So my project is a great gift for neighbors, teachers, friends or family!  Here is the finished product… It’s a super simple photo, recipe or memo display! Here is how to make it! All of these supplies can be found at craft stores and hardware stores. You will start with some wood ovals {…Read More…}

New Twist on an Old Favorite

Hey guys!  I hope you all had an amazing Christmas!  My family did!  We finished up everything in town today and will head out tomorrow morning for our final Christmas with the hub’s fam.  Since I will be out for a few days I thought I would sneak in a little project for you guys.  {…Read More…}