Hi all!  I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas!  I have so enjoyed spending time with John and the boys ~ I was going to try and get this post done yesterday but we were bumbs, to say the least, and I just didn’t get around to it…but here it is!!!
I don’t think I have done a non-Christmas project in a month or so….kind of feels like I’m reconnecting with an old friend!!!!  Ahhhhh….furniture rehab…..feels good!
So I bought this little shanty at my favorite thrift store downtown!  I loved the lines and already had a perfect spot for her!  She needed a new paint job and some rehab to the rickety leg joints but she was exactly what I had been looking for ~ in the back of the car and home we went!
After using her as a saw horse, paint table and storage shelf, she was ready for her makeover!!!
I lightly sanded the entire surface of the table and sprayed 3 coats of Rust-Oleum Canyon Black all over!
I then used my 3M sanding block to distress ALL of the edges to give her a good worn look!
Not completely satisfied to leave her as is, I purchased this unfinished wooden piece at Lowe’s for under $5 and painted it with Antique White acrylic (we have had low temperatures this week and the spray paint won’t dry in cold weather).
A little Ralph love ~ paint on and wipe off! (Ralph Lauren Smoke Glaze)
Next, I used Gorilla Glue Epoxy to secure the wooden piece to the end of the table.
Now for her debut….
She fits just perfectly in her little corner spot!!!  Now that Christmas is over I can’t wait to visit the thrift stores again!
For a listing of local thrift stores in your area visit Garage Sales Tracker!!!
Also…Don’t forget about our next Link Party and Giveaway ~ ‘I Made it Without My Hubby’ on January 7!!!!  You can get our button on our sidebar!!!!!

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  1. It looks great! I love how the colors fit with your dominoes and how the scrolly piece works with your drapes. Good stuff!

    I'm hoping to have something by the 7th for the no-hubby party. Either way though, I'll be stopping by to check everything out.

    Happy New Year!

    Jen @ jentility.com

  2. My grandmother had one of those tables. It was a telephone table. (in the days when telephones were huge and secured to just one place in the house.)

  3. Turned out just gorgeous!! I know what you mean about the spray paint in cold weather. I sure can't wait till it warms up a bit!

  4. Black beauty…you are absolutely right! I love this little table. The curves are so pretty. It looks so nice in your home. Thanks for sharing.

  5. The table is too cute! I always look twice at those kinds of tables at the thrift store but I never buy one. I was just thinking the same thing today "now that Christmas is over, I can go to the thrift store!" haha