Hey strangers!  So yah, I’ve been away from the blog for a while.  I’m not gonna lie….I didn’t miss it because I was on vacation with the hubs and great friends in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! 

I did miss my babies oh so much but it was  nice to get away and detach from internet and cell phones for a week!

We stayed at the Riu Santa Fe (All-Inclusive) and it was awesome!  I would go back for sure! 


Because Cabo is a desert you are almost guaranteed no rain!  We had perfect weather for the entire trip!


The view from our room:)

 That covered balcony on the top right was our room:)


The hubs and I at the Steakhouse (one of the specialty restaurants). 

We had a great vacation at the Riu!  If you’re like me, choosing the right place to stay can be over whelming so I thought a recommendation would help some of you guys out:)  The staff was very friendly, the food was good, the grounds were BEAUTIFUL, the pools were amazing (3 infinity edge pools looking over the pacific) and like I said the weather could not have been better!  The entertainment was fun and there was music at the pools all day!

If I had to give a negative I guess it would be the waves.  They were very strong and the under-toe is strong which makes swimming in the ocean unsafe.  I don’t care to swim in the ocean, I just want to look at it so it didn’t bother me but may be a deal breaker for some.

The Riu Palace is right next door (literally a wall separating the two) and from what I have heard it is a little quieter than the Santa Fe.  Good to know if you like a more low-key vacation. 

Well, I’m off to finish projects!  Hope everyone has a great start to their summer:)


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  1. Just came across your website and was looking at your past posts.
    We were at the Riu in April for our 10th anniversary. It was wonderful and yes I would love to go back too. And I think I would even stay at the same resort.

  2. Looks like a ton of fun! My husband and I are trying to decide if we should do a Mexican cruise or an All-Inclusive resort. How did you find the RIU? Were the rooms clean? Do you have any other pros and cons besides the ones you mentioned? Thanks. Just trying to make an informative decision.

    1. Hi Camille! We did have a ton of fun!!! I’ve never been on a cruise so I’m not much help there. We went on a “staff bonus trip” with my co-workers so my boss found this place through others recommendations. I’m very picky about hotel cleanliness and this resort was CLEAN! The staff is actually cleaning all day long!!!! The room we stayed in was very clean as well. I would recommend staying in building 7 if you go. I had read this in reviews and once we arrived I could see why. Building 7 is on the ocean and the pools at building 7 are all infinity edge over looking the ocean. We actually upgraded to the deluxe suite which has 2 balconies with a spiral staircase leading to the upper balcony which has a jacuzzi tub!!! It was not an expensive upgrade and so worth it. If you don’t book the deluxe I would upgrade to an ocean view suite because the room is awesome. It is just like the deluxe minus the 2nd balcony. Honestly there were no cons. The food was really good the first few days but like any buffet at an all-inclusive…it gets old. I recommend booking some nights at the specialty restarants:) Hope this helps:)))

      1. Thank you so much for your info. I can’t wait to plan our trip and your advice will be very helpful with that process. Have a great weekend!

  3. We loved Cabo when we went last year! We actually stayed at the Riu Palace and it was super low key…but so luxurious and perfect for a week of quiet relaxation! I agree, the waves made enjoying the water difficult, but the views more than made up for that. We’ve stayed at Riu resorts in many countries and they are all fab!

    1. Thanks for sharing Melodie! I would like to stay at the Palace next time we go just to change it up:) The waves were so fun to watch;)

  4. I stayed at the Riu Palace a few years ago (2006?) and it was really nice. Some rooms are quieter just because of the way the hallways are situated but it can still get a little noisy but in a fun way. It was really easy for the water taxis to find the place, too, since it was the only pink hotel.

    For others headed that way: If the water taxis are running (depends on the height of the waves) it’s fun to take the boat tour where the drop you off on that island for a little while. Very quiet and pretty.

    1. Thanks for sharing Indiri! I would like to stay at the Palace next time we go and you are right! The water taxi to Lovers Beach is a great option! We had a bunch in our group that spent the day there and LOVED it:)

  5. We are headed to the other side of Mexico on Wednesday, to the Riviera Maya. I went to Cabo 17 years ago with my parents and I know it has changed a LOT. I would love to go back, SOON! Your pictures are beautiful!

    1. Thanks Jamie! LOVE the Riviera Maya! We have always vacationed in that part of Mexico and this was my first trip to the pacific side. It’s crazy how different it is:) Both are amazing though!

  6. I’m glad you had a wonderful trip to Cabo!! I went there a few years back and loved it. I told my husband that I would love to go there with him. Its on our list 😉 Great pictures!!!