Well… Almost finished.

I have gone through almost all of my stuff and have it put away so I thought I would share.

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to look in this closet.  I love that I have all of my stuff in one place and it’s easy to get to and put away.

Let’s look at the before just one more time…

And now the after…

See all that space?? And storage?? Whoop!!

I painted all the shelves with the same paint as my wall color.  I would love to have super cute baskets and stuff for my storage but this closet is for function.  I did have fun with a few things though.

I found these at Ikea like 3 months ago and they have been collecting dust since.  Not anymore!  I used my Silhouette to cut some vinyl letters and put these babies to work.

That’s one of those super cute metal locker baskets I found on Amazon for $12.  It’s been in my garage for a few months but this will be it’s new home holding all my paper cutters.

And the rest is pretty boring to look at… If you are not me.  It all still makes me smile.  I just used some $1 plastic tubs from Target to divide my other goodies.  They fit so well that I will be buying 6 more tomorrow.

And my machines and pictures on the ground safely out of the way but still super easy to get to…

The back shelf has my bow making stuff, Silhouette goodies and flowers.

And that’s pretty much it for now.

Let’s look at it again one more time just for kicks…

I hope you like it.  It’s not super shmancy or chic but it makes me feel like a new woman!  And, now I can begin the second round of musical rooms… Woohoo!

Thanks so much for stopping by!!

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  1. Great job on the closet re-do! The only thing you might want to consider is getting your photos up off the floor or put in a waterproof container. You never know when you might have a pipe break or a dishwasher overflow…maybe that kind of thing only happens at my house…lol! BTW – hang in there…eventually, I had one of my kiddos leave the nest and I was able to take over his room for my craft/scrapbook room. Woo hoo! :o]


    1. Doris… Good call! Just got them off the floor this weekend. I traded them with the Silhouette stuff which is completely replaceable! Thanks for the advice 🙂

  2. hiya your closet looks fab , and the feeling you get when you look into it and know everything has its place is priceless , makes for easy crafting x tfs xmaggiex

  3. You are going to laugh at me when I say that I almost cried seeing your craft closet. As a mom of five in a four bedroom house we are constantly looking for space. I am a crafty person and for a while I had a craft room but started feeling guilty about the boys live in such tight quarters so I gave up my room last week. I have been contemplating other ways to store my crafting tools and thought about converting our entry way closet. Now, that I’ve seen how you’ve done yours I can show my husband and perhaps I can still have a little craft space of my own 😉 THere is hope after all….hahahahah Thank you for sharing.

  4. It looks fabulous! Now, you just need to find time to “escape” in there and work on your crafts. 🙂

  5. Love it! It is so cool to see another mother tackling the same issues as me. Although, my kids have a ginormous gap between them (18 years) I still have to move one of them to the basement and get their old room ready for the new kid. I love what you did with the closet and it has given me the inspiration to tackle mine! Thanks!

  6. It looks wonderful! Love all the bins from Ikea. So wish we had one here. I love how you still have more space to put more goodies, lol!


  7. A place for everything and everything in its place! It makes my heart go pitter-patter. 😉

  8. It looks fabulous, and you still have so much room. Love the space. Hugs, Marty

  9. Looks great! Wish I had a closet like that! That does encourage me to get my craft stuff organized again though!

  10. Oh, girl, I am so jealous. A craft closest is so wonderful! It’s looking good. Way to go!