Hey friends!

Come see what I made during nap time today!  I have a really fun project I will be sharing with you guys tomorrow.  While taking photos of it, I realized that my Winter pinecone wreath was still adorning my front door… Oopsy!  So today, I made a new Spring wreath!

This cost me under $12 and is super easy to make!

I got all of my supplies at Hobby Lobby.

I bought a grapevine wreath that was on sale and paid about $3 for it.

I also bought an MDF initial, thick twine and a jelly roll of fabric.  You can just by the fabric and cut your own strips, but I was feeling very lazy :-)!

First I wrapped my ‘G’ in twine.  There is no science to this… Just wrap it up and dab some hot glue about every 5-6 times around.

Then, I hot glued it to my wreath up in the top corner.

After that I made lots of rolled rosettes with my fabric strips!

If you have never made these, you can check out my tutorials by clicking HERE and HERE!

Then, I just hot glued them to my wreath!

And I added a few to my G too!

That’s it!

Want to see it all finished??

Hope you like it!  I will be back tomorrow to share what got me thinking about this in the first place!

I would love for you to Pin this and share it below!!  Thanks so much for stopping by!


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  1. The fabric you picked is fantastic! The colors are some of my favorites. I will have to make this. It’s funny but sometime I make the rosettes when I’ve got nothing else to do because I know I will find a place for them somewhere.

  2. lOvE iT!!!! I’m in the process of making a Spring wreath but just changed my mind. Starting over in the morning : ]