Hey guys!

I have a super quick, cheap and cute project to share with you!

I shared my $10 shelves in my last post.  Some of you may have noticed my photo displays I used on the shelves.  They are so easy to make, and you can customize them however you want!

I used scrap 1×12 whitewood for my board.  You can buy a 4′ piece at Lowe’s for $5.98.  They can cut it for you there for free and that one board will make 3-4 photo displays depending on how big you want them.

I cut mine at about 14″.  I then stained it using my new very favorite stain.  I wanted to try a new color I found that stains the wood a gray color.

Rust-Oleum Ultimate Wood Stain in Sunbleached

I love the color it gave the wood and the contrast the boards had with my shelves.  This stain is great!  It dries in less than an hour and is so easy to apply.  You will love it!

Here is my board drying…

While I waited on those to dry I worked on my bulldog clips.  I found mine at Walmart for $1.88 a piece.  I sprayed them with Rust-Oleum Painters touch in a color called Oregano to match his quilt.

After it dried I used some Gorilla Glue Epoxy to attach my clip.  I love their epoxy.  It has the texture and thickness of a hot glue, but a very permanent hold.  It does stink a bit while it’s drying, but so worth it.

I attached it to the top and middle of my board, and let it dry.

That is it!  My final step was to add a few pictures and put them on the shelf.  I didn’t need to add any hardware to the back because I wasn’t hanging mine.  If you do want to hang them you can just add a sawtooth hanger to the back easily.

Now the fun part… The cost.

Assuming you buy a 4′ board and make 3 displays, this project will cost you under $5!

I wanted something that looked like a clipboard that I could customize, and I am happy with the results!  Anyone can make these!

Finally… If you love it, would you PIN it below pleeeeeease ;-)??

I would appreciate it!  Have a wonderful weekend and happy crafting!


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