Hey there!  I’m back to show you how I went about adding the magnetic backing to the Pottery Barn Inspired Student Desk that I built for my son.

If you missed the tutorial for this desk you can check it out HERE!

I liked the idea of cork board for the backing but the thought of push pins scared me a bit (especially with a 14-month-old putting everything in her mouth at the moment;)  So, I brainstormed a bit and came up with an idea for a giant magnet board!

I started by picking up 2 galvanized metal sheets from Lowe’s for about $8 each.

I cut the sheets down so that there would be two halves meeting in the middle.

Next, I cut and stained stick moulding to place at the top and of the metal sheets.  (I did this because the metal sheets wrinkle a bit where you are cutting them.  Each sheet had one edge that was a bit wrinkled so I just placed the sheets on the hutch so that the wrinkled edges were at the top and nailed the trim up to cover them.

Now for the accessories:)

I used a roll of magnetic strip (Hobby Lobby) and cut little magnets to place on the back of…

Baby clothespins (Hobby Lobby)

and black chipboard letters (Hobby Lobby).  The back of the magnetic strip is a sticker so you just peel and stick!

I did mention that the two galvanized metal sheets were cut to meet in the middle so I had to cover up that ugly seam.  I just nailed a 1×4 up and that fixed it!  I love how it separates the two sides!

 I absolutely LOVE this desk and I LOVE the industrial/boy look the magnet board adds to it!  You could also wrap the galvanized sheets with fabric for a fun decorative touch too!

Thanks so much for stopping by!



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  1. Thanks! I was sitting here brainstorming what great crafts I can set up for the kids for this summer. I was trying to decide what to use for the back of our magnet boards, and for some reason the metal sheets at Lowe’s just never came to mind!

  2. So cute! Just be sure those magnets can’t come off. Magnets are far more dangerous to babies if swallowed than pushpins.

  3. Love the desk, and the magnet board is the icing on the cake! I just bought some of this today. How did you cut it? shears? scissors? maybe mine is thicker than yours… hmmm
    great work!