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So… After watching my kids fall from the tire swing on our last swingset (tire swing and all), I decided it was time to invest.  I not only invested in their safety, but my peace of mind as well.  I am a huge fan of outdoor play with my kiddos.  I shove them outside at any moment possible.  I remember growing up we were hardly ever indoors, and loved it.  Times have changed.  Now it is hard to pull their hands off of their video games and their heinies off the couch to get them out there!

I love filling my yard with things that will keep them active, whether it be a basketball or a wooden swingset!   To me, it is as important as brushing their teeth.

So, I started doing my own research.  My initial plan was to build it myself.  But, I really wanted something that would stand the test of time and 5 kiddos, and let’s be honest… I know my limits.  I then started to look into DIY kits.  These are sets you purchase that come mostly prefab, and you construct it.  That seemed safer, however I found a ton of bad reviews on things from shipping to missing parts.

That’s when I decided to search for a company that did the whole shebang.  My number one concern was safety, and then from there I was trying to keep in a budget.  That’s when I found Tree Frogs Wooden Swing Sets!


I loved the reviews as well as the selection, so I decided to load up my 4 best critics and check them out in person.  Although Tree Frogs are based in Texas, they do offer installation in most states!  They also offer the option to assemble by yourself.  All wood is cut, you just bolt the pieces together!

Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 2.13.18 PMMy kids and I went to their Lewisville location!  It is basically a yard full of amazing playgrounds.  I loved this because I got a great idea of which attachments my kids liked the most!

Tree Frogs Wood Swingset

One of the products I loved immediately was the slide!  This is like no other slide!  They have designed their doublewall scoop slide so that kids can climb them safer.  I know, I know… They are supposed to go down the slide.  But, every one of my kids likes to go up!  So, why not allow them to do it more safely??  LOVE.

Tree Frogs Wood Swingsets

Yah, she wasted no time!

And this beats video games any day in my opinion…

Tree Frogs Wooden Swings

In fact, after we were done making our selections and trying everything out I hollered at the kids to head to the car.  I found this one hiding because she didn’t want to leave 🙂  My kind of shopping!


So… Want to see what we decided on?

Here she is…

Wood Swing Set

BEST investment EVER!

The best part??

They had 2 really nice (and fast) men throw this together in under 2 hours!

Tree Frogs Swing Sets

Tree Frogs Swingsets Lewisville

I love that they were friendly, on time and looked professional.  It just says even more to me about this great brand!

Tree Frogs Lewisville

And they didn’t get too annoyed with me for taking their pictures 463874 times 😉  Good men.

And now a few more shots of my new favorite toy!

Wooden Swingset

Tree Frogs Swing Sets uses all redwood which is naturally decay resistant and super strong!

Wooden Swingset with Slide

Wooden Playset

Wood Swing Set Monkey Bars

Tree Frogs Wooden SwingSets

And this bad boy will not be falling off like my last set!

tire swings

tire swing

Rock Climbing Wall

The swings are all wrapped in rubber keeping them super safe and pinch free!Safety Swings

And one of my very favorite features are the optional chalkboard panels!  You can see my kids have already gone to town on ours!

Chalkboard Panels in PlaySet

I really can’t say enough about this great brand!  I am so happy to have found such quality and safety at an affordable price.

So… Check out Tree Frogs Swingsets & Playsets and see for yourself!  Tell them I sent you 😉

Thanks so much guys!



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  1. Just curious which model this is? Love yours exactly as is- we are looking at these swing sets and I am overwhelmed by the options!

  2. Looks so nice and fun-filled! Really like it very much. Wooden swings are an all time favorite and they never fade away <3
    Jessica x

  3. I want one of these and my grandchildren are grown but I can adopt some grandchildren, right?