Happy Wednesday guys!  It’s Wednesday… Yeah!  Almost Friday. ๐Ÿ™‚  Today we have a new YouTube video tutorial up for you guys!  This one is another part of our 5-Tool Ebook!  Have you checked it out?  You can find it HERE on Etsy!  Before we get started, check out how cute these $5 wood chargers are!



So fun!  Ok guys… these could not be more simple!  Check out our DIY video HERE on YouTube,  or the button below!

 You can download and print the FREE plans by clicking HERE!

First step is making your cuts!  We used the Ryobi 18V Miter Saw to make our cuts.


These are the cuts for 1 wood charger.  The wood on the left is 1×6 board and the wood on the right is 1/4″ x 3 craft board.

After making your cuts, line up your 2 1×6 boards and run a line of glue down each side.


Next, nail down the craft boards to each side.  We used our Ryobi 18V brad nailer for this part with 5/8″ brad nails.


One side finished…


Other side finished!


We spray painted ours in Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Satin in a color called Granite that we LOVE!  Found it at Home Depot!  We used sand paper to distress the edges a bit after they dried.


After those dried we added the cute metal corners!  These are from Home Depot as well and you can see them online HERE.  We spray painted ours black before attaching them.


That’s it guys!  All finished!

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  1. So simple yet so cute! Just to be sure, the 1x6s aren’t attached to each other, only held together by the craft strips? Looks like it, but just checking!

    Love the idea of three-tool projects! Perfect way to learn and gain confidence. ????