Submitted By: James McReynolds

Original Shanty2Chic project it was inspired by:

Project (URL):

Time to Complete: 3 Days

Total Cost: $115

Finishing Details:
I took your bathroom storage idea, and turned it into a jewelry case for my wife. The same day I purchased a necklace for our 11th wedding anniversary, she handed me three of her necklaces that were tangled. As I painstakingly untangled the mess (for the umpteenth time), I decided she needed more jewelry storage.

I used one less shelf than the original plans, and added corkboard for earnings along with pvc pipes for bracelets. I stained the entire thing and painted while the stain was still damp, giving it an antique look while matching our bedroom furniture perfectly. I added a strip of drywall painted with chalkboard paint, in order to leave her random messages. That was actually done last minute, and on a whim. Thanks to you for the idea, and plans. You ROCK!


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