Hi friends!

I hope you all had a great weekend!  I’m so excited to share my latest project with you!  This one is super cheap, easy, and doesn’t require a power tool! Yeah!

I have been wanting some coasters to replace my old ones and finished them up recently!  I decided to make these super easy to recreate by giving you guys another free printable to make them… Whoop!

Here are mine all finished…

You only need a few supplies for these cuties…

4×4 tumbled marble tiles – I found mine at Lowe’s for around $4 for a box of 10… Pretty darn cheap!

You will also need some Mod Podge.  I used Matte, but you can use glossy also.

You will also need a sealer for your coasters.  I used another new favorite of mine…

Rust-Oleum Ultimate Polyurethane with Soft Touch

I love this stuff! It’s my new favorite finish for my furniture and crafting projects.  It dries super fast, and protects all my hard work! You can check out more info on it HERE, and you can buy a small can super cheap at Lowe’s!

You will also need some artwork for your coasters.  You can search and print your own on your computer, or you can also download my free coaster printables by clicking the picture below!

If you choose to do your own artwork, just print it from your computer at home and you are set to go.

First, I put two coats of Mod Podge on the BACK of my tile like this, and let it dry.  You can use the front of the tile, but I found that it seemed to work better with the back.

Once my tiles were dry I added a coat of Mod Podge to my artwork.

Then, I put my tile down on my design like this.  You want the side of the tile you have put Mod Podge on to lay face down on your design.  The wax paper on the counter is only keeping me from making a mess on my countertop!

I used a credit card (or insurance card ;-)) to push all my air bubbles out.

Time to cook! I put mine in the oven at 170 degrees for 20 minutes.

I let my tiles after cooking.  Then, I use my finger and a bit of water to rub the paper off to reveal the design.

A few tips on this part…

You are rubbing the paper off.  The design has now been transferred to your layers of Mod Podge.  The more you continue rubbing, the lighter your design will be.  If you soak it in water rather than rubbing it off the design will come off completely.  I did mine, and then I would let them dry up for a few minutes.  Then I would see any other places that needed to be rubbed a bit more.  Hope this makes sense.  It’s kind of like distressing.  You decided how worn and weathered you want it.

Once those dried I added my Rust-Oleum sealer.  I used 2 coats because we use our coasters lots!

I also added some felt circles to the bottom of my tiles so I wouldn’t scratch the furniture.

Want to see them all finished???

I love the look it gives you!  They almost look stamped and aged.  Super cute and custom!  These would make a great teacher gift, birthday gift, you name it!  I made my set for under $5!

Hope you love them!  These really are soooo easy to make, and they look like I got them at Anthro or somewhere.  Too cute! My kind of DIY!

I would LOVE for you to PIN them like crazy below 😉  Have a great week!


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  1. I have been looking for coasters for awhile and haven’t found any that I liked. I can’t wait to make them. Thanks for this great idea! I also pinned it.

  2. I absolutely love it…..a definite piece of AWE-SOME-NESS! That’s my favorite word right now when it is over the top awesome. A for sure on my list of things to do. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. I LOVE your coasters!! I tried some mod-podged coasters a while ago and sealed them with a spray polyurethane and I still had problems with them sticking (especially when I put a hot mug on them.) Before I run out to buy the Rustoleum sealer, I wanted to ask if you had any issues with a hot mug sticking on your coasters? I am so excited to try these!!!! Love you guys!

  4. So cute. I used Modpodge to make some coasters and it was very tacky. Even after it dried I could not stack the coasters because they would stick together. Have you had this problem?


  5. I have a question on your craft … did you you an ink jet printer or a laser printer to print your designs? I think that would make a difference as ink jet printer ink seems to run when it gets wet. I also had the same question as Sarah above, but I realize your wax (or freezer?) paper is just a work surface and not involved in the craft…right?

  6. Ok, I have leftover tiles from something I did a few years ago. You say put it down on paper like this….what is this paper?! It looks like wax paper?! Is it transfer paper?! Thanks~~can’t wait to try. Soooo many possibilities.

    1. Sorry… The wax paper is just protecting the countertop. I mean attach your design to the tile like shown. Hope this helps!

  7. This is great! Thanks for this, I’m filing this under my To-do list. Btw, there’s no hyperlink for the Rustoleum product.

  8. These are seriously awesome!! I love your designs too! I am adding this to the list of “must makes!” Thanks!!

  9. Would this work with scrapbook paper, And transfer the design onto the tile too?
    Did you just use regular printer paper and stick the design side down on the mod podged side of the tile?

    1. I don’t know about scrapbook paper Brittany. And yes that is what I did. It was kind of hard to explain, sorry! 🙂