You may have already heard but Google is discontinuing Friend Connect for non-Blogger blogs.  Yes, that effects Shanty2chic because we switched from Blogger to WordPress about a year ago.

So, long story short… if you are one of the 6,762 awesome friends that have been following us through Google Friend Connect, you will no longer be receiving our posts in your Blogger dashboard.  We will also not be able to get new followers using the Google FC gadget on our sidebar.  Bad news but…. Here’s the good news!

We have soooo many ways for you to connect with Shanty2chic and we would love for you to connect with us in as many ways as possible!

Facebook  is a great way to follow us!  We share our most recent posts through our FB status updates with a direct link to each post.  This is also the BEST forum for us to answer questions you have!  We get so many emails everyday and we try our best to get to them but some do slip past us.  If you have a question please ask on our FB page because it is so easy for us to answer you on our phones while we are in carpool;)

Sign up to have all of our posts delivered straight to your inbox!!!  Just enter your email in this box on our sidebar:)

You have probably seen this fun connect bar at the top of our page.  The icons are direct links to help you connect with Shanty2chic.

You can follow us on Twitter where we share direct links to each post!

We’d love to share with you on Pinterest.  We have a Shanty Tutorial Board🙂

And, our latest connect forum is Google+!  We each have our own.

Circle Whitney HERE

Circle Ashley HERE

We are definitely bummed about losing our Google Friend Connect but we are so excited to connect with you all in so many other ways!  We appreciate each and everyone of you and appreciate your continued support!

Thanks so much for supporting Shanty2chic!

Love ~

Ashley and Whitney


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  1. Maybe you could try the linky following thing. I see that a lot out there lately. Its just a bummer to not have everyone following in one place. I can add all my non blogger blogs to my google reader just by adding their website, so all my blogs are still in there to read, which I love…everything in one place.

  2. I’ll be getting you in my bloglovin reader, as I am right now. Yesterday I imported all my Google Reader blogs, over 300 of them, into bloglovin and every single one came over.
    It’s a little different format, but it’ll be fine when I’m used to it. The importing took about 5 minutes………in Google Reader they explain how to export easily. I’m about to close out entirely over there.