Hey guys!! I’m back today to share the corner piece plans to the Modular Sectional I built!


If you missed the plans for the other pieces you can see them HERE!

To print the plans for the corner piece, you can click the image below or HERE.

click-for-corner-piece-plansA big thanks to Jay from Jay’s Custom Creations for the printable version to these plans!

The construction of this piece is basically the same but the measurements are different from the other pieces.

attach-front-slatsI built the base the same why that I built the others.

back-posts-attachedThen, attach the first set of back posts

corner-piece-back-postsThen the second set.


After attaching the first set of back slats, nail the corner post to the other corner post and slats.

corner-piece-assembledThen, follow up with the slats on the other side.

outdoor-modular-sectionalEasy enough right! This is hands down, my favorite place to spend my time right now 🙂

modular-seating-pinI love all of the different ways you can set up these pieces! And, you can add to it as your budget and time allows! I purchased the cushions at Target and designed the seats to fit the cushions. If you choose different cushions, make sure to modify the measurements on the plans if necessary. You can see the corner cushion that I bought for this piece HERE. ***Update – the link has not been working. You can type the item # in the search bar on target.com and see the cushion there -16343152  The back of the cushion didn’t fit but I had two cushions for my ottomans and used the back cushions for the corner piece. I needed up with one left over corner back cushion but the cost still beat similar cushions that I found.

*Total cost for this build – each base is $20-$25, the optional back rests are $10-$12 making this entire sectional with the ottoman/coffee table included – $225-$250!

Before I go, I need to share with you an AWESOME product that I’m totally impressed with right now!

Photo Nov 06, 7 33 07 AMIt’s a new product from Rust-Oleum called NeverWet. This one is specifically for outdoor fabric. We learned about it when we visited the Rust-Oleum headquarters a couple of months ago and I was dying to give it a try.  We tested it by pouring a coke over the fabric and the coke just ran right off of the cushions. It was incredible! There’s nothing worse than watching a new set of cushions fade and ruin from the elements. This bottle is only $15 at Home Depot and worth every penny. You just spray it all over the cushions and let it dry for 24 hours and that’s it!

Check out this video for more information on it!

Seriously, how cool is that? I’m hooked 🙂

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. I know this post came out years ago, but I’m seeing it now and hoping to build it soon! I was wondering if I could make each seat square instead of slightly rectangular, and then make the corner seat the same square size? I found some cushions online that are 24″x24″ and was hoping to use them for each seat including the corner if I can make it the same size?

  2. Hello, is it possible to get an itemeized list of things I would need to complete this project, The corner piece included?

    1. ?❤?❤????⭐??❤?❤

      I built my own using the plans at www. WoodworkPlans.info – highly recommended you check those out too. They are detailed and super easy to read and understand unlike several others I found online. The amount of plans there is mind-boggling… there’s like 16,000 plans or something like that for tons of different projects. Definitely enough to keep me busy with projects for many more years to come haha

      Head on over to www. WoodworkPlans.info if you want to learn more – click the pink link above for some more plans! Best of luck on your building adventures!


  3. I built these last week and they turned out great. One thing that I didn’t like is that there was no slant on the back. I felt like they sat up too straight. So what I ended up doing was cutting a treated 2×4 about 2″ wide with a 10 degree slant and attached it to the back of the cube and then installed the back section. I also cut some 1″ sections and installed them further down for support. This made it way more comfortable for me! Just thought that I would share my experience. Thanks for all the plans and the ideas.

    1. Any way you could take a pic and show your tweak on the slant? I want to make mine slanted too. Thanks!!!

  4. I so wanted to make this, I love it! Just priced the cushions on Target using the item number given- $99 for the corner piece alone. Then each bottom/top combo is $65 – that is over $400 in just cushions. Sadly searching online for other cushions…

    1. Deep cushions are expensive. I searched for a long time for deep cushions and this was the cheapest I found for the quality. Please share with everyone if you find something!

    2. just make 7 standard ones and use 3 for a sofa and 2 on each side as a chaise and you don’t need to buy the corner cushion. You can buy 2 chaise cushions and 3 chair to match and this turns out cheaper.

  5. I am OBSESSED with this sectional and am planning to build it this summer! However, I have hit a bit of a snag–I don’t have the Kreg K5, I have the R3 Jr. It is possible to use the R3 Jr. instead? If not, do you have an alternative suggestion? Thanks so much for the awesome blog!

  6. This is so great! I can’t wait to try Never wet, I’ve been looking for a solution and had no idea that existed. Thanks for the plans!

  7. Shanty2Chic what was the dimensions of the back cushions on the corner piece you used. I purchased a corner set from Target and the bottom cushion fits 24X24 but the back cushions is way to long. I see you still have not updated the new measurements for the comer piece, so when you do what did you use for back cushions. were they the backs from the two ottomans. Please get back to me thank you. PS the dimensions for the corner piece I bought are Cushion Seat Dimensions: 7″ T x 24.0 ” D x 24.0 ” W Cushion Back Dimensions: 5.5 ” T x 15.5 ” D x 54.0 ” W and they do not fit to this plan.

    1. I have the same issue. We are just going to have someone take off about 3 inches off of each side of the corner back cushion. Strange that the back would be 54″ and the seat would be 48″ (24+24)

  8. Sorry no disrespect…. love the cushions you have on the unit….. just for VOC’s and health reason I commented. Being ID, we can be crazy blunt sometimes lol But it is always with good hearted intentions.

  9. Is there anyway to possibly get the corrected measurements for the corner piece. The frame is the same size as the regular one. Thanks.

    1. I’m looking at both plans and seeing different measurements? The corner piece should be square and the same measurement as the depth of the side pieces.

      1. Thanks. I redrew the frame to get the measurements before i cut anymore pieces. On your chart the 2 orange 15-1/2″ 2×3’s should actually be 17-3/4″ for a total of 3 of those pieces. It didn’t increase the amount of material.

          1. Awesome! Thank you, Shawn! I’m glad it didn’t increase material 🙂 so sorry for the inconvenience, will get this fixed ASAP 🙂

        1. Shawn with the new measurements of the corner piece will it fit the back corner cushions with these dimensions. Cushion Back Dimensions: 5.5 ” T x 15.5 ” D x 54.0 ” W and bottom cushion Seat Dimensions: 7″ T x 24.0 ” D x 24.0 ” W. ps could I get your drawing.

          1. She never did and I cut the 15.5 inch pieces instead of the 17.75. Guess I have more scrap wood because of this. How frustrating.

  10. Just buy Sunbrella material in at least a Grade B. Not pouring chemicals on cushions your skin touches!!! nasty…. Cabana Coast is a dealer you can order from for custom cushions. They will last you for like 7 + yrs if you take care of them. They are worth ever penny.

    1. Thanks for the tip! Unnecessary to let me know how “nasty” you think my cushions are that my family sits on. There are nicer ways to say things. Have a great day!

  11. You know how those squeeze-handles make your hands sore? Just buy a large quantity (if you have lots of cushions, you’ll need it anyway) and put it into one of those large sprayers with the pump mechanism. They use ’em for bug spray, deck sealer, etc. I think they sell them with 1 – 5 gallon capacities. MUCH easier and faster! Plus you can spray in a sweeping motion. Works great!

    1. Cushions probably made out of a cotton/systhetic blend. Synthetics (polyester, acrylic, etc) are good because they naturally resist water and mold buildup. That, plus the NeverWet, and you’re ready to go!

  12. looks amazing and plan on making some of these for indoor use! how long did this whole project take?!

  13. They look great! I would be using them free standing on my patio. Do you think the back rests are sturdy enough or should i just go with the bases as bench seating?

  14. This is awesome! I’m not sure if I missed it but how much did the whole project cost without the pillows? Thanks!!

    1. Thank you! I just added it to this post. The total cost for the sectional and coffee table/ottomans was $225-$250. Each base is $20-$25 and the backrest a are $10-$12 🙂

      1. Where did you buy your wood at? The cheapest cedar boards I can find are ~$8/board which brings my wood cost to ~$75.