I am so sorry it has taken me this long to get these plans for this DIY Rolling Storage Ottoman Coffee Table to you but I thought that with it being the new year and everyone trying to organize, the timing couldn’t be better for a project like this!

If you caught our second episode of Open Concept on HGTV, you probably recognize this coffee table as the “Building Block Coffee Table”. John and Mary’s son has a giant collection of Lego’s and they were taking over the house. This room is at the front of the house and it’s the first thing you see when walk in their front door. This space had become the kids play room/collect-all room. There was even a ping-pong table where this coffee table sits now 😉

We wanted to keep this space for the kids but pretty it up, as it was the first room you see when you walk in the home. We designed and build this Rolling Storage Ottoman Coffee Table to provide form and function! Coffee table for the adults, play table for the kids. The ottomans not only provide a ton of toy storage but they also roll out and double as extra seating! It’s a coffee table on steroids really!

As always, we’ve go the free printable plans for you right HERE! Just click HERE to print and you can follow along with us below as we built it!

I started by cutting the pieces for the sides and the “L” supports of the ottomans. Then, I laid them out and measured the width. This gave me the exact measurement to cut the “L” supports for the ottomans. Watch our “How to Use a Miter Saw” video HERE!

Next, I used my Kreg Jig to drill 3/4″ pocket holes into the “L” supports. Refer to the plans for the proper placement of the pocket holes. You can find the Kreg Jig model that we use HERE on Amazon.

Here they are all pocket hole’d up!

I attached one support piece to another with 1 1/4″ pocket holes and wood glue. It should form an “L”.

Here are enough “L’s” for 4 ottomans.

Next, I cut the ottoman bottoms to size and attached them to the supports with 1 1/4″ pocket holes and wood glue.

Once the supports were attached to the bottoms, I began to attach the sides that I cut in step one. You should have an overhang on the bottom of the cubbies. This gap should be a little shorter than the height of the casters so that the casters will be hidden while still letting the ottomans roll. I cut a scrap piece to that measurement and used it as a guide to attach the first bottom planks.

To attach the planks, I used wood glue and 1 1 /4″ brad nails with my Ryobi 18 gauge nailer. I followed up by attaching the rest of the planks to this side, making sure each plank was flush with the outside edge of the supports.

After completing the first side, I flipped the ottoman over to the opposite side. I applied wood glue to the supports

and attached the planks in the same pattern.

With the first sides complete, I flipped the ottoman and began attaching planks to the remaining sides. These planks are longer and should be flush with the outside edge of the previous planks.

Here is a pic of the sides planks attached and the ottoman is upside down.

I went ahead and attached the casters, while it was upside down.

Next, I cut the top of the ottomans to size and used my 1″ hole saw attachment to drill two holes in the top. This will give a spot to grab and remove the lid.

And just like that, the ottomans were done 🙂

Now for the table!

I measured and cut the table base supports to size and drilled 1 1/2″ pocket holes into the correct pieces. Refer to the plans for this. Then I attached the pieces together with 2 1/2″ pocket holes and wood glue. You will have two half pieces that look like the image above,

and you will have one piece that looks like this.

Attach the half pieces to the main piece with 2 1/2″ pocket holes and wood glue.

The base should look like this, now.

I cut the center base support to fit and attach it to the center of the base with 2 1/4″ wood screws and wood glue.

Now for the fun! I started by drawing lines down the center of the table top. This helped to keep my pattern centered and even.

I started by making a mark at the center of the end of the first planks.

Then, I cut a 45° angle off.

I flipped the board over and cut another 45° angle off, from the center point. Easy!

I lined the point of each plank up with the lines that I drew on the table top. Then, I attached the planks with wood glue and 1 1/4″ brad nails.

After that, the pattern was super easy, Just apply wood glue

and nail the rest of the planks down.

When I was done with the pattern, I held the 1×2 trim up to the table edge and marked where to cut.

Then, I made my cut and attached the trim to the edge of the table top with 1 1/4″ brad nails and wood glue.

I tried the ottomans on for size – it was a match 🙂

Time for the finish! (after cleaning up this mess…)

I applied one coat of Dark Walnut stain by Varathane to the entire piece. We love to apply our stain to large pieces, like this one, with Lamb’s Wool Applicators. Just apply the stain, let it sit for about 5 minutes, then wipe the stain with a clean cloth. You can find the Lamb’s Wool Applicator at Home Depot and you can find the Dark Walnut stain HERE on Amazon.

We always get asked if we put a finish on our pieces. Tables – ALWAYS! I applied one coat of Triple Thick Polyurethane by Varathane in satin sheen.  Just brush it on with a paint brush and let it dry. It should look like glue when you apply it but it dries clear and one coat is equal to 3 coats. This is our very favorite finish and you can find it HERE on Amazon.

All done!

I added these cute label cup pulls to finish the piece off and gave it home 🙂

I’m super excited with the way this piece turned out and I love the function it gives to this new space. Who doesn’t love the perfect combo of form and function!

Love the other items in this space? You can get info on everything below!


Floating Shelves: HERE

Side Table: AtHome

Chair: Similar chair found HERE

Arrows: Hobby Lobby

Canvas Milk Crates: HERE

Items On Shelves: AtHome

Pillows on Window Seat: HERE and AtHome

Feather Prints on Wall: Free Printable HERE

HOME Letters: Michael’s

Secretary at Back of Room: Plans coming soon!

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