Happy Friday guys!  I am SO VERY EXCITED to share my latest build with you guys today!

Before showing you, I must start by prefacing this with the cost of lumber… $85.  That’s right… $85 and 16 boards.  Here is how my new outdoor dining table turned out!

DIY Table Pottery Barn Inspired

How cute is that?  And did I mention $85?? Cool.  Just checking. 😉

I teamed up with my sweet friend Miss Ana White to design this bad boy.  I ran across a similar one in the PB catalog that I liked, but with that $1000 price tag I decided to pass!  That is the great thing about DIY.  We were able to build something very similar for less than a tenth of the cost, and beef it up a bit making it look better than the original (or at least I think so!!)

I will share some tips on this build here, and you can get the full set of free plans over at Ana White’s site!

This is a very easy table to build!

I would totally suggest using a Kreg Jig to build it.  I used mine on the entire build, and I don’t think I would have built it if I didn’t have one.


I used a 1 1/2″ setting for the drill bit for the entire thing.

Kreg Jig

Since this table will be outdoors, I used Kreg’s Blue-Kote screws.  These are weather resistant screws that won’t rust.  They are amazing screws and I actually use them on lots of different projects that don’t require the Kreg Jig.

For the 10-degree angle cuts, I lined my boards up in the Kreg Jig like this…

Kreg Jig on angle cut

Before adding the pocket holes to the legs, I marked where I would be putting them.  This kept me from making extra holes I didn’t need in the wrong places (not that I have ever done that before ;-))

Mark your Kreg Pocket Holes

Here are some shots of how I assembled the legs…

This is where I put the pocket holes at the tops of each leg.

Base of Table

And this is where I put them in the small piece of wood that goes between the legs.

Kreg Jig Pocket Holes

Kreg Jig Right Angle Clamp

That is my Kreg Jig Right Angle Clamp I used to hold things together while attaching.  This thing is SO handy.  It is like having another set of hands helping you.  It just fits inside one of your existing pocket holes and holds the boards secure until you can add additional screws in the other holes.  Too legit to quit.

Base of Outdoor Table

To make the table top, I used shims to separate my boards a bit.  This allows water to drip through when it rains which helps keep the wood from getting bad and rotted.

I filled all of my pocket holes with wood filler that was paintable and ok for outdoors.  This is a great way to cover those pocket holes quick and easy.  Now you can’t even tell they are there.

I laid my boards out on the ground and separated with shims like this.

How to build an outdoor table

Then, I attached my legs by drilling the Blue-Kote screws through the top of the legs like this…

Bottom of Outdoor Table

I even put 3 through each leg like this…

Here is how I attached the diagonal boards.

Kreg Jig Screws

Kreg Jig Screws 2

Outdoor Table Bottom

I just drilled from the bottom into the table top with these as well as into the legs.  Easy peasy.

I chose to add some 2×4 around the table top to beef it up a bit.  This required 3 extra 2×4’s but I think it really finished off the table well. I used the Kreg Jig to attach those as well.  I added pocket holes all the way around the table top and secured the boards in place.

Now for the finish!

I wanted something a little different for this table, so I decided to go 2 tone.  I used one of my favorite spray paints for the legs…

Rust-Oleum Painter’s Choice in Semi-gloss Black

You can find it at Home Depot and Walmart!


I painted the legs first…

Painting an outdoor table

Then, I flipped it right side up to finish the top!

Dining Table Outdoor

For the top I chose to stain it using a fav of mine!

Rust-Oleum Ultimate Wood Stain in Dark Walnut

This stain is found at Lowe’s and comes in a TON of really great colors!  The best part… It dries in under an hour and only requires one coat!  Woohoo!

Rust-Oleum-Dark-Walnut Stain

These are the tools I used to stain the top of the table…

How to stain wood

I actually rolled this on because of the size which made it really fast!  I filled in the cracks with the foam brush.

Now… To keep this weather proof, I gave the table top three coats of this…

RustOleum Spar Varnish

Rust-Oleum Spar Varnish

This stuff is super easy to apply.  It dries quickly between coats and doesn’t smell strong when you are applying.  It is my new go-to for finishing projects that will be outside!  LOVE.  You can also find this at Lowe’s.

That’s it!  You wan to see a few more pictures??  Me too!

DIY Table Pottery Barn

Sawhorse Dining Table

Outdoor Wood Stain

DIY Table Pottery Barn Inspired

DIY Outdoor Dining Table

Outdoor Dining Table Wood

What do you think??  I already have the benches for the table underway in the garage and can’t wait to share them with you guys!

How great are those chairs??!  I found them at World Market for a steal and LOVE them… I think they perfectly finish off this table!


For those of you that may ask…

I found the rug at Garden Ridge.

I found the lanterns at Home Goods and the tallest is from Hobby Lobby.

The candles inside the lanterns are one of my new fav products.  They are indoor/outdoor LED candles that have the option to run on a timer.  I found them on Amazon for a great price!  You can see them HEREDIY Table!

Thanks so much for stopping by guys!  I would LOVE for you to SHARE and PIN this post to all your peeps!

Make sure to check out the full set of free plans for this great table over at Ana White”s site!

Have an awesome weekend!


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  1. OK a grand?? they are insane!!! they no longer carry it but sorry it was ugly the ends were uneven and that was the catalog piece imagine the actual product yeesh… yours looks fantastic…. and could be built even cheaper by buying from a sawmill … just takes time to find a good one, which thankfully I have,… you can call ahead and it’ll usually be ready in a few hours

  2. I just saw the comment at the bottom about benches to go with this table. Can you please point me to where the plans are located for the bench? Thanks in advance!

  3. Do you have a printable version of the plans for this table? I checked Ana-White’s website as well and don’t see any printable plans. 🙁 I have been looking for a dining room table for months but everything I find either won’t fit, is too expensive or it’s just not what I want. I absolutely love this table! I’ve never built anything before but your printable plans somehow makes the idea less intimidating.

    Do you have any advice for a beginner?

  4. Totally awesome! Thanks for sharing. Looks like a professional and expensive durable table!!! Good work

  5. In the picture you posted for the spray paint, you say semi gloss black however the picture is semi gloss expresso. Which one is the correct color?

    1. …anyone who has built this…..the small piece of wood that goes between the legs (the little trapezoid shape), did you not struggle to get a drill in there????

      1. Yep, it was really hard. per the previous note by clint, I’m buying a right angle drill adapter to tighten further.

  6. Going to tackle this project with my hubby and the boys completely love it…thanks for sharing

  7. Will
    the dimensional lumber (white wood) available at big box stores
    (Menards, Lowes, HD) work outdoors in all the elements (snow, rain,
    sun)? I was under the impression that this type of wood will rot /
    fungus / etc. very easily, even if you stain with wood protector.

    If you use Cedar (which is an excellent choice for outdoor furniture), the cost will triple. Any other options.

  8. A girl after my own heart. The smell of sawdust in the morning. Great job on the table. I’m inspired.

  9. I am not sure if this on here but what kind of wood did you use? I love it!! We are going to try it ourselves.

    1. The wood appears to be plain, pine 2″x4″ lumber found in places like Lowe’s, Home Depot, and lumber yards. For the best look and fit, check them to make sure they’re straight.

  10. Beautiful! I am going to build this table and make it 55″ length. Do you think the 2×6 legs will be too bulky for a table so small? Should I make the legs out of 2x4s instead or will this make the table wobbly? thanks!

  11. It is quite adorable. It shows that you did this job by such dedication and interest. The material and tools you have used for making this table so special are really looking standard too. The wood is looking very lavish and showing a lot of potential.

  12. The letter “G” is awesome! I noticed you have gotten numerous comments on it. Would you please share your sources on this?

  13. Quick Question – what length screws did you use to secure the table top boards to the supports below? 2-1/2″ screws? I see that you attached from the bottom into the top boards – Is 1″ into the tops too much, not enough, or just right? Thanks in advance.

  14. I absolutely adore this table! My son is very much a go-to DIY guy, I have to share this with him! I know he’ll get very inspired by it!

  15. I know this says outdoor but is there any reason you can’t use it indoors? I’ve been looking for one with a sawhorse base like that for our dining table vs. the other normal legs on the other Ana White tables.

    1. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

      I’m loving the table I built! I built my own using the plans at www. WoodworkPlans.info – highly recommended you check those out too. They are detailed and super easy to read and understand unlike several others I found online. The amount of plans there is mind-boggling… there’s like 16,000 plans or something like that for tons of different projects. Definitely enough to keep me busy with projects for many more years to come haha

      Head on over to www. WoodworkPlans.info if you want to learn more – click the pink link above for some more plans! Best of luck on your building adventures!


  16. Hi! Love this, thanks for sharing. I would like to know what brand of putty you use to fill the holes. You mention that its good for indoors or out. No shrinkage? If you would do it again do you think it would be easier to spray the legs before attaching? Was it necessary to do much sanding? I find the wood fairly smooth, maybe just a light sanding? Thank you!

  17. I love the table but I wondered where you got your beautiful fans over the table? Looking for pretty outdoor fans… and I loved yours.

  18. I am definitely making this next year to replace my dining table. I want a table that seats 8 and they are VERY $$$$. I can easily adapt this and then I just need to worry about chairs. LOVE!

  19. Wow! J.E.A.L.O.U.S.! The table is fabulous for sure. But so is that very large “G” in the background. What’s the scoop on that?! I’m so into initials and would love to replicate for myself if you can give some tips/tricks.

  20. We are in the process of selling our home and buying a new one, and I plan on making this for our indoor dining table! I love it!

  21. This is amazing!! Although, truly, anything which involves Ana White usually is…but you have done a fantabulous job with this and should be very proud! I’m printing it out as we speak… Lumber store tomorrow? 😀