Happy Spring Break friends! I have been doing everything except taking a break!  My oldest three are visiting their grandparents, so I have used this time to get some serious crafting done… Woohoo!

First on the list to share with you…

A bookcase I made for my son’s room!

I told Ana that I needed a bookcase to go with the great bed and nightstands that she designed for me.  She delivered! I love it!

You can see the plans for this bookcase HERE, and here are a few tips from my build.

I used my Kreg Jig® to build this project.  I can’t say enough about how much time, sweat and sometimes tears 😉 this tool has saved me!  I was a bit intimidated when I first started using it, but now I won’t build without it!  You need one.  I promise.

I used 3/4″ pocket holes and 1 1/4″ pocket hole screws.

And some more progress..

I used this great cheap paneling I found at Lowe’s to finish out the back.  I just glued and nailed it to the back.

And here is my top planked with 1×3….

I used Rust-Oleum Ultimate Wood Stain in Dark Walnut.  You can buy it at Lowe’s.

Want to see it all finished???

What do you think??

This is just one of the many awesome plans you can find on Ana’s site!  This was a 2 hour project for me.  I started it just after I put the babies in bed.

If you like it I would so appreciate you pinning it below! 😉

And in case you are new to this room, here are some of the other goodies I have built him….

DIY Kentwood Nightstand

$20 Shelves Anyone Can Build!!

DIY Pottery Barn Platform Bed

Thanks so much for stopping by!!  Make sure you check out the plans for this great bookcase on Ana’s site HERE!!!

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    1. I used a q-tip to get the stain in them. You can barely see them! It beats filling the holes in my opinion! 🙂

  1. It is such a pleasure to watch you create and the love you show doing it. I always come away with a smile.

  2. I love all the pieces in this room, but this is my favorite! Of all the pieces you build I’ve never heard/read a mention of finishing the pieces with a polyurethane. Why? Do they hold up well? Any splinters? I’m just curious. I’d love to stop sealing all my pieces. It’s such a mess, but I’m worried about the pieces in the long run. I’d love your thoughts. Thanks and keep on posting these fabulous pieces.

  3. I wish my kids’ rooms weren’t so small. I’d love this in my son’s room with his Brookstone bed. I have to get a Kreg Jig. Just can’t decide if I want it first or the miter saw!

  4. I love how his room is coming along. He is one lucky kid. That book shelf looks like it came from a high end furniture store. Thats great, that you can make such beautiful stuff. One question, where did you get those awesome wire baskets?

    1. I found them on Amazon. Watch the price… I paid $12 a piece for mine with free shipping. Hope this helps and thanks!!!


  5. That looks so good. I just built the Channing. Ana White is the best. I haven’t attempted to stain anything yet. This is my second build with my Kreg Jig. Love the way you did the back. I’m going to paint the back of mine. I want to paint some pink in my craft room and thought the hubby might do better with that instead of pink on the walls. Love your blog. I’ve built 3 of your sconces.

    1. That’s great Jodie! I bet he would prefer that over the pink walls 🙂 I love staining… I have always been a paint girl myself, but I have found that I love staining even more! Thanks for your sweet message!

  6. Beautiful!! I can’t tell from your finished pictures but did you fill all the kreg screw holes and stain over them?

    1. Hey Stephanie! I am way too lazy! I got a q-tip and stained the inside of the pocket holes really well. You can’t even see them!

  7. Looks awesome! You are so handy! I wish I could do the work so easily with wood and tools. Congrats!

    1. My stepdad showed me how to use a saw. I learned very quickly that it is much easier than sewing, and even more simple than assembling furniture from places like Ikea. It is so fun and rewarding! And you only need a few tools to build just about anything! Thanks for your sweet comment! 🙂 ~W

      1. I recently found your blog off of Pinterest and want to make just everything! I have never built before and was wondering what your first project was? Or any easy one to start out with? I don’t have any supplies so need to start my shopping list!

    2. I am wondering how you attached the top 1×3’s. The directions say use a pocket hole jig, but where do I put the pocket holes? It also said to assemble it first and then add it to the top. How did you assemble it and then attach it?