Hey friends!

Want to see what I made during nap time yesterday??  My oldest kids are staying at their grandparents for a few days and the baby took her good, long afternoon nap so I had to utilize this precious time!  Know what I mean moms??

I have been loving this table from RH for years now…

With a price tag of over $1000 (YUCK), I had no intentions of ever having one.  That was until I stumbled on Ana White’s version!

So, I lovingly passed on my current coffee table to my younger sister and got to work yesterday!

First off, a stop to Lowe’s with one of my favorite “helpers”…

Yah, she was just checking the receipt for me… Not about to eat it at all 😉

I also stopped my Northern Tool to pick up my metal casters.  I actually found several online as well but I wanted mine now so I purchased these for $12 a piece.  That was the most expensive part of this table but well worth it I think.

I followed Ana’s plan with just a few exceptions…

~For the sides I used 1×10 rather than 1×6.  I didn’t want such a low sitting coffee table with my big couch so this gave it an extra 4″.

~ I added an extra 1×6 plank to the top which made the table a bit longer.

~ I made the top planks 3″ longer than the measurement she called for.  This gave me a bit of an overhang which is exactly how I wanted it.

~Because I wanted an overhang, I moved the 1×2 braces under the table flush with my sides rather than putting the 3/4″ down.  This actually made the entire table much easier to build I think!

~ I also used 2×4 for the wheel supports on the bottom.  I had some extra, plus they are cheaper and stronger.

So here are a few pictures of my steps…

I used Gorilla Wood Glue for everything and actually used a 2″ nailer to hold everything together.  It’s sturdy!

These are the planks lined up for the top of the table.  I bought the knottiest wood I could find to make it look older and shatier 🙂

This is a picture of the finished underside of the table just before I flipped it to stain it!

And here it is ready to be stained!

I actually stained it last night and will be putting the polycrylic on it this morning before I attach my wheels.

The wheels got a little revamping as well…

Here they are drying after I sprayed them all with a coat of Rust-Oleum Black spray paint. Woohoo!

I promise… This is super easy to build!  She actually has you use screws so if you have  a drill you can build this baby!  Easy!  I had the entire thing done in the 2 hours it took E to nap!

Oh, I almost forgot.  Total cost out of my pocket… Less than $85!  That is $10 less than the quoted shipping cost on RH’s version!

Want to see it all finished???  Me too!  I will share that with you guys in my next post :-)!  Have a great Wednesday! I’m off to get more done!!


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  1. Hello! My husband and I are following your’s and Ana’s directions to make a table just like this! Where did you buy the wheels from? All the ones at Home Depot were too small!