Hey guys!  Just wanted to share a FREE deal with you!

Nail Polish stickers!  How cute is that!  I never like to put color on my nails because it chips so easily but not with these (They are supposed to last for 6 weeks!!!!)  And, they are free today if you sign up as a new customer!  Just go HERE to sign up and order your nails!  I just ordered my own and I can’t wait to try them:)))

*When you sign up you receive a $10 credit that you can purchase the nails with.  They are $6 ~ FREE;)

Have a happy and safe weekend!  ~Ashley

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Also, my new favorite nail polish is Shellac. It is amazing! Since I am a hair dresser, polish NEVER lasts, but this lasts up to 3 weeks, and is super shiny and strong! You have to get it done by a nail tech, but totally worth it! I know a great girl local if you want her info. 🙂

  2. thanks for sharing; I’ve always wanted to try these but I hope they don’t send me some wild crazy pattern that I won’t be able to use!! 🙂