Hey guys!  We won’t be doing I Made it Without My Hubby this month for a few reasons…
Ashley had her sweet baby girl last week.  Her name is Tenley Nicole and she is a doll.  Ashley had a tough recovery but they are doing much better!  Here she is…
We love her!!  Thanks for all your prayers!
Our sweet brand new niece was hospitalized over the weekend.  They will be doing some tests on her tomorrow to get more details but for now please just pray for her health.  Pray for our sister and brother-in-law too.  This is hard on any parent and especially hard on first time parents.  I had the privilege of holding her for about 2 1/2 hours today while she rested….
Love her too!
I don’t have one.  I feel like numbers 1 and 2 are enough to take the night off :).  Thank you gals for understanding.  We appreciate any and all prayers you send this way.  We are so thankful for both these little girls and I am so thankful for their mommies too. 
Have a great night and we will see you soon.

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  1. anytime I see little babies like this I want to cry! You all are in my thoughts and prayers!

    by the way all the babies are beautiful! congrats to all of you

  2. Congrats to Ashley and the fam! Tenley is adorable!

    My heart goes out to Londyn and her parents. Chin up Loves. Everything will work out according to his plan. Just love and kiss that sweet baby as much as you can.

  3. Oh my goodness!! That little picture just breaks my heart!! Prayers for all of you guys.

    I found your blog awhile back and I love it! So creative. Hope everything is back to normal before long.

  4. Well congratualtions Ashley on Tenley, beautiful name and baby. Prayers going out for both beauties. I'm having a baby girl too in 7 weeks, exciting times.

  5. Whitney, Tenley is just beautiful and I'm so glad to hear Ashley's doing better. I'm so sorry to hear Londyn's in the hospital. Please tell Leasha I'm thinking of them and praying for their sweet baby girl. If there's anything and I mean anything I can do to help please call me.

  6. Congrats on another baby in the family, Tenley is beautiful and I love her name.
    Hope you get some answers soon regarding your niece. Its hard feeling helpless.
    God is sovereign and loves our babies more than we do, amazing and hard to fathom, but true.