Hey guys!!! We have teamed up with Home Depot, again, for another DIH Workshop and we are so excited!


Visit your local Home Depot Thursday, August 20 from 6:30 – 8:00 pm and learn how to build our hook shelf! You’ll get hands on experience and learn great tips from tool experts!

This shelf is one of our favorite DIY projects because it is simple and inexpensive to build and it can be used in so many ways around your home!

Check it out!


It’s great in the kitchen for a decorative but functional storage shelf,


and it works great in a bathroom too!


You can even hang it in your kiddos bedroom to show off their trophies and store their ball caps!

Make sure to register HERE so that we know you are coming! This is such an awesome event that you don’t want to miss! Make sure to share pics from you DIH Workshop and tag @shanty2chic on your social media accounts so we can see you in action!

And, check out this video for more information!

~Happy Building!

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  1. Looking for the plans for this, love! It’s been a few years since this was posted so I was hoping to be able to get the plans without having to go years back on Home Depot’s blog.

  2. I made this at the workshop last summer and finally got a house where I can hang it – looked for the instructions on the home depot blog and could not find them! Could you point me to a post or something that shows how to hang it?

  3. I really enjoyed the one y’all did last year in San Antonio (lovely to meet you ladies!) I’m in Arizona this time and delighted to see that our local HD is having this workshop – I’ll be there and try to remember to post some pictures (I *need* one of these for my mudroom!)

  4. Put me on the list of people who want plans posted afterwards; I can’t make it to the workshop on Thursday. 🙁

  5. I’m in Europe – we don’t have Home Depot unfortunately. Hopefully you can share your plans afterwards…

      1. I went to the workshop last night at the Home Depot in Trussville, AL. It was a train wreck! The instructor was very ill prepared. I called to make sure this was a “make and take” workshop I was told yes – after being transferred several times because nobody in the store knew anything about the fact that there was a workshop. I particularly wanted to see how crown moulding was cut. I can build a shelf. When we got there the instructor said it was NOT a make and take. I expressed my disdane – then as others began to trickle in they were under the same impression that it was a make and take so she had to run and get someone to cut the lumber/molding for the workshop. She got started on the demonstration. 1st of all she tried to cut the crown molding with a miter box – which she could not do so she just had the lumber person cut 1 straight piece for the shelf. Then when the 1st person tried to put the screws in it split the wood all to pieces and I discovered they were using decking screws. I actually had to go out into the store and get the correct screws. I was on one side of the table helping people and my sweet husband was on the other side helping people. She couldnt work the nail gun. She only had 1 drill with a drill bit and 1 with a screw bit and 1 charged battery. She couldnt even get the right kind of clamp for her demonstration. I realize it was a “free” class, but I would at least expect the instructor to know how to demonstrate properly how to building the sample. When we started helping the people in the class she just sat down in the chair and watched. She never one mentioned Shanty-2-Chic. I told the class about your site and that it was y’alls design. She also never mention Ryobi – so I put in a plug for them as well. LOVE what you girls do. This is just my 2 cents worth.

        1. Also went to one in Northern California, not a make and take, not even a demo. Got a handout, nothing else was set up. Their intent was simply to walk people around the store and point out the supplies from the list. Everyone left when they realized that was the deal. Waste of peoples’ time for sure. Way to go, Home Depot!

          1. I had the same problem in Blaine, MN! The HD employees told me the workshop was cancelled because of “miscommunication”. None of them seemed to know there was a workshop even though there was a sign advertising the workshop placed in the entrance. Very disappointing!