Anyone have a giant blank space in their home that is just screaming to be dressed up???  Well I HAD one in my dining room and I came up with a super easy, quick and cheap way to make it fancy!  Here’s how I did it!

I started with a 1×12 cut down to three pieces at 14″.  If you do not have a saw you can have your local hardware store make the cuts for you!

I found three vases that I LOVED at Wal-Mart for $4.97 each!  You can find vases anywhere so just get what you like for the price you like!

Finally, I purchased three hose clamps!  You can get these at your local hardware store.  It is very important that you get the vases first so that you can get the right size hose clamp.  Take a vase in with you and pick the size hose clamp that fits your vase.  My vases are 6.5″ in diameter so I bought the 5.5″-6.5″ size.

Now for the construction:)

I applied one coat of Rust-Oleum Sunbleached stain to each board.  This is a fun stain to use because it gives the look of worn wood.  The Rust-Oleum stains dry so fast and they don’t smell near as harsh as others!

Before attaching the hose clamps, I attached the wall mounts to the back of the boards.

I used a hammer and nail to pop holes between the spaces like Whitney did for her Mason Jar Key Hook.  I opted to secure the hose clamp with two screws because my vases are large and a bit heavy.  ***This is a larger hose clamp so the metal is a little thicker.  After I spread the spaces out with the nail, I twisted them apart with needle nose pliers and it made the process very quick and easy!***

After you puncture holes, follow-up with screws to attach to the hose clamp to each board.  I placed my hose clamps 4″ from the bottom of the boards.

After I secured the boards to the wall WITH anchors, I slid the vase through the hose clamp and tightened it with a screwdriver.

Follow up with a pretty candle or flowers and that’s it!!

Yes, they are VERY secure.  I have had them up for about a week now and they will not budge even when I try!

Giant, blank wall no more!

 Cost break down:  $20 for all 3 🙂

~Hose Clamps: $1.50 each

~Vases: $4.97 each (will vary depending on the vase you choose)

~Boards: $free!  I used scrap wood.  A 1×12 at the hardware store will run you around $8!

Even if you have to purchase the 1×12, $30 is a LOT of BANG for your BUCK;)

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  1. These are so cute I pinned them to my DIY board a couple hours ago…they already have 55 repins…Just thougt it would make you smile. 🙂
    Nice job!!!

  2. These turned out beautifully!!! I have been wanting to do some of these for awhile now. I keep seeing them in different sizes and love them but haven’t taken the time to make them–after seeing yours and how wonderful they look I better get busy.

  3. You could also check out the dollar tree. I know they have a lot of blank glass vases there for $1 a piece!

    Happy Crafting,

    Haley <3

  4. I am pretty much addicted to your website and posts. I find myself checking out all your creative wonders during my 1 hour lunch break for fun!! Another awesome idea!!

  5. So clever, I love people like you, someone to do the creative thinking for me! Coping is the highest form of flattery! You must feel good!

  6. So, so clever! You must walk though the hardware store thinking up clever ideas!! I’ve pinned this post. Have a blessed day!!

    1. Thank you Shannon! I got them at Hobby Lobby but I would suggest shopping around because they were pricey! With coupons they were about $8 each. I already had two so it wasn’t a bad purchase for me… They are the perfect size for the large vases I bought;)