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Those of you that follow us on Instagram and Facebook probably saw me share my latest shop upgrade.  As you guys know, my garage is my office.  I kicked my hubby out of it and turned it into my workshop years ago.  With the crazy temps we get here in Texas in the Summer, I decided it was time to upgrade my garage door.  I knew I could get a super insulated door to help with both the heat of Summer and the cold (that I can’t wait for at this point).  I was extremely pleased with the garage door we purchased for my house 6 years ago.  It was an Amarr Classica door, and I knew I wanted a very similar door with lots of insulation.  Here is what my new door looks like!

Amarr Classica Garage Door

Ahhh… Isn’t it pretty?  Sometimes I stay parked in front of it and just stare at it 🙂

Ararr Logo

This is an Amarr Classica CL3000 door.  There were a ton of customization options when I designed the door on their site.  That was actually the most fun part.  Check out their Door Designer!  I’m warning you… It’s kind of addicting to play with.

First, click the button at the top that says View a Door on My Home.

door designer how to

You start by choosing the size of your garage door and uploading your own photo of your garage into the designer.  Here is my view…

Amarr Door Designer

And this is really where the fun starts…. HOW TO CHOOSE??  There are so many great options.  They for real have the cutest doors.  We have a corner home, so our garage door is actually more visible and eye-catching than the front of our home.  I knew I wanted a door that would add curb appeal to the house.

This one was super cute!  It’s called Carriage Court…

Amarr Carriage Court

And I loved this one… It’s from the Classica line and it’s called Santiago.

Amarr Santiago

See what I mean???  ALLLLLLL the options 🙂

But, ultimately I knew what I have always wanted.  I love the look of a wood garage door, but my door faces the sun.  I am all about low-maintenance, so wood was never a real option for me.  Problem solved!  Amarr offers the Classica door in a wood tone finish.  It even has realistic wood grain and variation in the stain.

So, my final decision was the Amarr Classica Lucern design.  I chose Walnut as my color with Blue Ridge hinges and Alpine handles.

Classica Lucern

How fun is that?  Go try your own garage door out.  It really helps to see the design on your own photo.

I had the same company that installed my original door install this door.  They are a company out of Colleyville, TX called DoorWorks.  They had it installed in a few hours.

Garage Door Installation

And really my favorite thing about the new door is something I can’t photograph… The temperature in my shop!  It’s amazing what a difference it has made.  We were most surprised to see the difference of the temperature in my daughter’s room that sits above the garage.  That room always seems warmer than the rest in the summer, and that has completely changed.  Crazy to me that it would really make that big of a difference.

Amarr Classica Garage Door

All in all, I am so happy with my choice.  I can’t say enough great things about this company.  I became an Amarr customer 7 years ago, and I was so excited to be able to share their brand with you.  To find a door that provides so many awesome features and looks amazing too is a win win!

Let me know if you have any questions at all and be sure to go check out Amarr’s site!  

I’m off to build 🙂


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  1. We are an Amarr garage door dealer. They are awesome! Highly recommend Amarr Garage Doors.

  2. It’s beautiful! It looks like it was designed and made for your house! Does it keep the dust out of your office, or at least minimize it?