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Last month I began the task of revamping my shop.  After years of use, it needed a little love!  After installing cabinets and my metal pegboard system, I started on the flooring.  I did lots of research on flooring before choosing which direction I would go.  My old floor was spotted with wood stain, scratches and wood glue (thank you son) and I really wanted to put a floor in that would last.  I searched many kinds of tiles, and ultimately chose Modutile Rubber Floor Tiles.  I specifically chose the Flat Gray Flexible PVC tiles.  There were a TON of reasons I chose this specific brand and tile… They are made in the USA, they are slip resistant, they are UV resistant, mold-resistant, they are quiet to walk on, they are high impact resistant, and my favorite part is that they are easy to install!  I had my whole shop done in one afternoon!

Garage Floor Tiles Shanty2Chic

Awwwww…. Makes me smile 🙂  This is where I spend LOTS of time, and I’m more than pleased with the results.  And, I’m happy to report that the installation was a breeze.  I’m certain there is a science to knowing where to start, but I chose to run the first line of edge tiles at the front of the garage.

Edge pieces for garage flooring

These fit together like a puzzle pieces, and I used a rubber mallet to pop them in place all the way.  You can see how pretty my existing floor was not 😉

Cutting in around the corners

Use Rubber Mallet for install

I made my first run after doing the edging pieces, and stopped shy of the walls where I would need to cut the tiles.

Garage Floor Tiles Installation

I made sure to sweep all the junk and sawdust before laying each row, but that’s as hard as prep got for that!

Garage Floor Tile How To

From that point on, it really was putting together a simple puzzle.  I decided to lay as much as I could and do all the cutting in last.

Floor Tiles for the Garage

Installing Garage Floor Tiles

I did have to move my garage cabinets and fridge to get under those, but otherwise everything else in the shop rolls making this part super easy as well.

Garage Floor Tile Install

Now for the cutting in… I literally cut in 🙂  I have some sharp scissors I would use to cut the edge pieces.  You can also easily use a jig saw, but I found that the scissors were an easy alternative.

Cut Garage Floor Tiles

Cut tile to fit

I worked my way around the shop!

how to install garage floor tile

And then I was done!  And happy!

Garage Floor Tiles Shanty2Chic

I seriously love everything about this product.  I was pleased that my research paid off and I found a flooring that works best for what I do.   Our friends at Modutile are giving away 225 sq. ft. of garage tiles and 20 edge pieces to one lucky Shanty reader!  This giveaway is as simple as the install!  Just click the link below to get entered!  We will announce a winner in a week right here 🙂  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I’m so excited! Thank you Whitney and Ashley!!! My husband and I absolutely love all your work and have built a lego/train table for my son and just finished building our dining table using the 4×4 truss beam table plans!!! I’m so excited to get my garage organized. I’m totally drooling over yours!

  2. Confession: Sometimes I come look at your garage space just to drool for a little bit. I wouldn’t know what to do with HALF of those tools, but I just love how you have it organized! 🙂

  3. Can you park cars on this?? We have a 2.5 car garage and our workshop is in the 1/2, cars in the rest of garage. Didnt know if this could handle the cars weight and driving on it. Thx.
    Thx for the giveaway!! I entered

  4. I guess I can’t enter. I don’t have FB or twitter either 🙁 Hubby would have loved this floor.

  5. Wow, the tiles totally change the look. Would love this for out Garage, Looks awesome!

  6. You new floor looks Wonderful. Such A beautiful improvemen.
    Sorry, but I don’t have twitter or Facebook

  7. Your garage is amazingly organized! Love this flooring, such a clean look! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!