Hey guys!  Happy Monday!  In an effort to minimize the rapidly growing wood pile in my garage I came up with another frame idea.  I made this one for my kitchen to hold memos, photos and recipes.  You can make yours for just about anything.  Here is how I did it..

I used a 2×4 scrap I had and cut three pieces 11″ long.

I used Gorilla Wood Glue for this one.

Just put a thick line down the sides of each board and lay them side by side.

My hubby bought me this clamp a few months ago and I was finally able to put it to some good use.  You can clamp yours or get creative with something else to hold them in place until they dry.  I left mine for a few hours to let it dry good while I did a little grocery shopping.

For the next part I used a sheet of 12×12 scrapbook paper and 3M Photo Adhesive spray… I love this stuff!  I used it on the photo blocks too.  It’s super!

I used a piece of scrap 1/4″ plywood.  Lowe’s actually calls it project panel.  I know you can buy it in smaller 2×2′ pieces but mine was scrap from a huge 4×8′ piece.  Either way…  It’s cheap.  Whoop!

I cut my piece of wood to 9×9.5″.  I then sprayed one side with adhesive and stuck it to the backside of my paper.

I wanted to use a craft knife on this part but it was MIA so I settled on a razor.  Just cut your excess paper off.

And I was left with this.

Of course I shantied it up a bit 🙂  I used an 80 grit sanding block to lightly sand all the edges and corners.

I also added a bit of distressing ink around the edges to rough it up just a bit more.

At this point I actually put a coat of matte Mod Podge on my paper to seal everything.  I think it would have been fine without it but I also knew this would keep it from getting too dirty in the kitchen.

I also painted my now dry wood planks with some Rust-Oleum Heirloom White spray paint.

After it dried I added some wood glue to the back side of my paper wood and attached it to my wood planks.

I finished it off by attaching a bulldog clip that I painted Heirloom White also.

And it was ready to be used!

Right now I have it holding a photo but I love how you can switch it out with just about anything!  I also love the pop of color and pattern that the scrapbook paper gives it.

Hope you like it!  With just a couple hours and some spare change (literally), you get a super cute very custom display.  Thanks so much for stopping by!

Don’t forget to have your projects ready for I Made it Without My Hubby on the 7th!  Thanks again!


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  1. What a great idea! Did you add distressing ink to the 2×4’s also? I notice your project has darker sides around each 2×4 and mine is not turning out that way even if I try to distress through to the original wood. It doesn’t look complete-help?

  2. I love it… and I love how you can make something so darn cute out of scraps!!! You have so much talent!