Hey guys!

Hope everyone is doing great!  I had a CRAZY weekend!  I celebrated my birthday on Friday, my kids had their birthday party on Saturday, and our family had our annual Tacky Christmas Attire party yesterday… Whew… Still tired!

Here’s Ash and I with our sisters and our mom at the party…

Fun stuff 😀

Last week I received a super special gift from my oldest daughter.  I loved it so much that I decided to make some of my own as gifts.

You will need some clear glass ornaments…

And some ribbon or twine to cute it up a bit!

I asked each of my older three kids to tell me 3 of their favorite things about their grandparents.  We made a separate ornament for each set of grandparents.

I typed these up on my computer (size 14 font) and printed them on cream colored lightweight card stock.

I then cut these into strips…

And curled them around a pencil just a bit…

My last step was to stick them into the ornament through the top and attach a bit of ribbon!  Super easy! Super thoughtful!

This is one thing I LOVE about these ornaments… Each year their answers will change as their ages do.  They will love different things about their grandparents or whoever you make yours for and it will be so fun to go back and read their different answers.

I also thought these would make a great stocking stuffer or gift for dads…

“Things we love about Daddy…”

or for your spouse…

“Things I love about you…”

Oh so many options!  You can make them in an hour at the most and cherish them forever .  LOVE gifts like that!  Make sure you add another little strip with the year or a tag to the outside so you know which year they are from!  Here is how mine turned out….

What do you think?  I love!  Have you been needing a last minute gift?? This one will take no time or money, but will bring a HUGE smile to someones face.  Can’t beat that!

Have a wonderful Monday!  Thanks so much!


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  1. Love this Idea! I have kept all of my kids Xmas lists over the years! I think I will photo copy them and make ornaments like this, thanks for the great idea!!!

  2. This is just an amazing idea! What about modge podging the things on the outside/ inside( lots of work)? It might be easier to read them every year. : ) I can’t wait to do this next year! : )

  3. I saw this with a wedding invitation on pintrest. So I am having my sons 4th grade class make this as a christmas ornament. they will write on the papers one thing they love about each family member. This is such a memorable gift to someone. Thanks for sharing!