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We were so excited when Oreck asked us to review their newest product, the VersaVac.  It is a steam mop and vacuum in ONE!

VersaVac Steam Mop

They also asked us to send them a video review as a tryout for a commercial as well!   Check it out and see just how amazing the VersaVac really is!

Oreck VersaVac Tryout Video from Shanty Sisters on Vimeo.

We were so shocked and excited that they liked our tryout video!  They came to our homes to film for the commercial and we shared our experience HERE.  The commercial will be airing on major networks this fall!  Insane!

Function Selector DialThe Function Selector Dial allows you to select between steam or vacuum with brush on or off in a matter of seconds!  It also allows you to control the steam temperature with 3 different settings depending on the floor you are mopping.  It’s amazing, you can vacuum any surface and switch to steam mop your wood, tile and/or linoleum!!!  It truly is an all-in-one cleaner!!

Steam Pad Kick PlateWith just a tap of your foot…

 go from steaming to vacuuming in seconds!

Debris CupThe easy access dust cup

Easy Access dust cup

allows you to get rid of the mess without having to touch it!

Water tankNo harmful chemicals needed!  Just fill the water tank and set the mop to steam!

Hold the steam trigger and set lock to steam a large area with ease!

Steam Mop and VaccuumOur homes are cleaner than ever before and we are spending less time cleaning them!  It’s a win – win!

Do you want to experience the VersaVac awesomeness in your own home?  Well here is your chance!

You have up to 4 chances to win

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VersaVac Giveaway

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  1. I watch the video and would love to have one! I have both hardwood and tile floors in my home. Looks like it would really cut down on cleaning time :)!

  2. Most of us don’t have just one type of flooring in our homes, they are a combination and I love that Oreck has come up with an awesome combination vacuum that both steams and vacuums. Way cool 🙂

  3. I have three messy kids, I love the versatility of it being a steam mop and vacuum in one! So quick and easy to use!

  4. Thanks for this giveaway .. oh like the fact that this can do steam-vacuum and easy to use!

  5. I am amazed at the fact that you can go from steaming to vacuuming in seconds. That just floors me…no pun intended.

  6. Very excited to learn that Oreck has this amazing vac & steamer in one! This would cut the time I spend cleaning my wood floors in half!

  7. It seems that only two of my four entries I posted yesterday are going through, so just in case…. I’m following on pinterest! (Sorry if it eventually posts twice)

  8. I love my steamer but being able to vacuum too! Sign me up! Once you start to steam clean you’ll never go back.

  9. I learned that the Oreck VersaVac works on so many different floor surfaces so it’s great for everyone!

  10. I LOVE that it can be used on all floor types! I learned that it can vacuum AND steam mop!!!

  11. I learned that you can steam your floor without the harsh chemicals. Love how easy it is to dump the dirt too.

  12. This would be such a time saver at my house!!! I have carpet, hardwood, & tile in my home. I have to get out the vacuum cleaner for the carpet, then sweep the tile & hardwood, THEN pull out the mop. And don’t even get me started on how I then have to drag it all upstairs, too.

  13. I love the fact that this is 2 products in 1! I have 5 kids with 2 of them under the age of two and a puppy. I’ve been wanting a way to clean and sanitize the floors that’s not so time consuming. This looks like a great product! I want one!

  14. Love that there are no chemicals as I am about to have baby number 3 and meed these floors constantly clean and a simple machine to do it effectively 🙂

  15. I learned that to sanitize (without yucky chemicals, yay!), focus the steam on the area of 15 seconds. That would be great as I have a crawling granddaughter now!

  16. Pick me! Pick me! My husband and I just moved into a larger home than we had before and it’s in the woods near a lake. With 4 dogs, a cat and my husband I find myself cleaning all the time. What a novel idea to be able to use 1 appliance! I’m in love!

  17. I’ve used an Oreck for years. LOVE it. But our house has a combination of carpet, hardwood, and laminate wood floors. So I’m always having to switch out what I’m using to go from room to room. Which is also a lot of clutter with machines for each different type of flooring

    And I’m sorry. Swiffer sucks.

    This would be amazing. I could go from room to room, cleaning the floors and KNOWING that because it was Oreck… they were REALLY clean.

    And I’d finally stop pestering my husband for a Dyson…. LOL which he would LOVE…

  18. I love that this is one tool that I can use (without chemicals) that will vacuum and steam clean all of my new wood and tile floors, as well as any area rugs I put down! No more sweeping and moping! This looks so easy to use, and would save not only a lot of work, but a lot of closet space, too!

  19. I’m always looking for a way to clean without chemicals, and this would be awesome. No chemical smells and I know it would be safe for my newborn.

  20. Would love to try this out. Living now full time in our RV and need to constantly clean the floor!

  21. To clean without any chemicals, I wish! I’d love to give it a try. Our puppy is always making a mess given that it’s always raining and he likes to be outside in the rain!

  22. I love how light weight these are and how powerful at the same time!

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  23. I have been wanting a steamer for my floors for so long. My husband refuses to buy me one for my birthday or Christmas and there always seems to be so many other things going on, I never think to just go shop for one.

  24. I have been looking at these combo steamer/vacs for a year. The Oreck looks great, and seems very easy to use.

  25. I love that it’s so versatile, and you don’t have to do much of anything to switch from steam to vacuum.

  26. I think it’s so cool that it is a vacuum AND a steam mop – one less machine I have to pull out – thanks so much for the chance

  27. I love that it steams and vacuums both which would save time on cleaning my hardwood floors and I could put away my broom!

  28. I need this for my house! I have wood floors, tile floors, and carpet. I’m just thinking about how much time I’m going to save having an all in one cleaning machine! Pick me!!!

  29. Love that the power button has a lock so when your steaming a huge house like mine your finger doesn’t fall off, lol!

  30. It’s so lightweight! We have a multi-purpose floor cleaner but it weighs a ton, is hard to maneuver and kills my back every time I use it – which is almost never!

  31. I lI’ve that it has three settings for different types of floors and that you can change from vacuuming to steaming with a touch of your foot!!

  32. My husband and I have been looking for a new (and easy-to-use) small vaccum/mop for our hardwood floors. Our old one was used so much and isn’t working like it should anymore. This one looks like a perfect fit and I LOVE that there’s no chemicals!! I could really put this to use!!

  33. This would be a great thing for our family. I just moved into a new home to take help take care of my parents that is all tile and hardwood except for a couple bedrooms. We have 4 cats and I have a 2 year old so we are constantly cleaning. My mother has MS and is on her second treatment of chemo tomorrow and still won’t let me touch the vacuum. With this vacuum I see that the knobs are big and easy to read.compared to the one we have now. She is the strongest woman I know but just not in the physical sense. I’ll have to see how heavy it is cause this might just be a great Christmas present. Funny thing is I just bought a vacuum in may before we moved in and it doesn’t do anything for the tile or hardwood in this new home. Btw I absolutely love you guys. You are so crafty and I’ve been on a crafting spree ever since I found you guys last month.

  34. I have been shopping for a steam vaccum and I really like the Oreck. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to use any harsh chemicals to get the floor clean! As a parent of a crawling baby, that is very important!

  35. Amazing product love that it steam mops & vacuums floors. So convenient to have a 2 in 1. I don’t have a f/b acct but follow you on Pinterest Headed now to comment. Thanks for chance. My fingers are crossed! Love that there s no harsh chemicals since I have little ones wwith bad allergies & asthma.

  36. Like the options it gives you, and you save money having 1 machine to do it all plus Oreck is known for their lightness. So it should be a breeze cleaning.

  37. I learned that there actually is one product that can clean my whole apartment! vacuum for carpet and steamer for my tile. This would be such a space saver in my new tiny place!

  38. I already “like” you on Facebook. I learned it has a setting for different types of flooring. And I have never seen a mop steamer vac before! Amazing!

  39. follow you on Facebook 🙂 And love that it just uses water-I have stained concrete floors throughout most of my 1st level and hot water is all you can use on it so this would be perfect!

  40. Yay! I got here, thanks for checking! I love how QUICKLY this vac transitions from vacuuming to mopping! We reno’d a house and have hardwood floors in every room except bathrooms! Thank you for doing this! :))

  41. The VersaVac has a convenient selector dial…with just the tap of your foot, you can switch from steaming to vacuuming…the dust cup allows you to get rid of mess w/o touching it! I have followed you on fb as well as pinterest…would love to win this!!

  42. I like that the VersaVac has different steam settings for different floor types AND it is easy to click the steam pad on and off.

  43. I learned how much I want one of these when they come out. With two dogs and a cat and tile floors I could save a lot of time and effort with this. Oreck always makes such great products. Excited to see this new one.

  44. I love that you don’t need to touch the mess that the vacuum is picking up and that you can change the settings so easily!

  45. I am so excited and would love to win this…I’m all ready an Oreck fan with a vac I’ve had forever cause that’s how long they last. And I’ve had 2 steam mops but to have a steam button you can lock on for those large areas….well…let’s just say “Yes!”

  46. This little devil will save me sooo much time and money, which gives me more time and money to put into DIY projects!!!!

  47. I love that it doesn’t use chemicals. I try very hard to keep my cleaning supplies free of chemicals, so that is so important to me!

  48. I am AMAZED that all you need is water/steam to clean the floors! As a new owner of an old home (1937) that was a rental for over 15 years (read: DIRTY), I can hardly remember what ‘squeaky clean’ floors look like! I can’t seem to find anything that will clean the grime off of my kitchen and bathroom floors! Would be great to have one clean up tool fot the kitchen, bathroom and the hardwood floors!

  49. I’m so thrilled that the new Versa Vac has come out! While steaming my floors a few weeks ago I wondered why no one had combined Vacuum and steam mop. Great that it can all be done with one tool!

  50. This vac/steam mop would be a great for my family. Our house has all hardwood flooring and area rugs, the steam mop would be perfect for cleaning my whole house!

  51. I am so excited for you ladies!!! I actually met a woman. I was selling some things and she bought my roll top desk. She is one of the judges on craft wars. She is apparently high up the chain at Michaels. She lives here in DFW and I was telling her about your blog. How she should check it out and get with you guys about possibly doing the CRAFT WARS show. Wonder if she ever contacted you?

    As far as the oreck, sounds like a great machine.. especially nowadays when we have homes with carpet, hard wood floors and tile! I love the steam mops.. will not use anything but anymore. They spoil you good!

  52. This vacuum looks awesome. I love that there are no chemicals needed to sanitize your floor! Would love one of these!

  53. I learned that you can go from vacuuming to moping with one easy stop. I like that you can empty it without touching. Thanks for the chance to win.

  54. I just started the book Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer. The intro starts with Procter and Gamble’s pursuit of a “mop and bucket” replacement product. I’ve learned that this product is, by far, an advancement in the floor cleaning area. We just bought a new house and are finishing the floors ourselves. We’ve just got a mop and bucket and a $99 vacuum from our college days. We’ll be needing some Oreck brillance.

  55. i like that you can steam then vacuum with just a quick switch .. we have wood floors and this would be wonderful ….

  56. Wow! I am in AWE! How nice to have a vac and stream mop in one!! Makes my cleaning days that i dread so much soooo much easier!! And to only have to fill with water once and easy dumping the dust with out touching it! I will be crossing my fingers on this win!!

  57. This vac/steam mop would be a great blessing to our family. I have had an Oreck vac since my daughter was a baby almost 10 years ago. It has been well loved and we could use a new one. Also our new home has all hardwood flooring and area rugs, the steam mop would be perfect for deep cleaning my whole house. Thank you for sharing!

  58. I would love something that could deep clean my hardwood floors and it looks like this vacuum could take care of that for me. Woohoo!

  59. how wonderful! my fiance, who just recently became hooked on building things and will be using so many of your ideas to create furniture for our first house, and I would love to win this vacuum! We are moving to a house that has carpet, tile, and wood! And I know I’ll be on vacuum duty so it would be wonderful to have one that could do all surfaces!

  60. This thing would be a godsend for my and my son’s allergies, gotta get one! Love your site ladies, you have sparked a creative Renaissance in my life through your step-by-step craft ideas. Can’t get enough! Thank-you! 🙂

  61. I’ve learned that using this vaccum will be super handy on my wood floors. Vaccum the dust and dirt then switch to a mop? What?!

  62. I love orecks, but I am even more excited by an oreck steam vacuum. I soo soo need this. I have two sets of twins. I need fast easy was to keep my house clean so I can play with my kids.

  63. I learned from your descriptions and photographs. The Oreck Versa Vac is one piece and lightweight, no dragging a canister such as with my shark steamer or other vacuums. It also looks slim, therefore not needing a great deal of space for storage. I can combine all the functions such as mop, steam, vacuum. This means I can get rid of several other “unruly” items as they mock me with their continuous displays of rebellion to stand upright together in one place. The added bonus of not having to purchase pricey refills, makes me want to break out in song!!!!!

  64. Oh wow! I’m probably like many others! I have a steam cleaner and I have a vacuum. But the convenience this product offers is making me jumpy!! I’m a busy mom and wouldn’t this be great in MY house…oh yeah!

  65. I just saw this pinned on Pinterest and I am dying for one of these!!!! My whole house is tile or hardwood so I use a vacuum and steam mop to clean the floors but having both in one would be AMAZING!!!!

  66. I have the Shark steam mop which I love but I love that this Oreck is also a powerful vacuum!!

  67. I’m buying a new house (I get possession next week- yay) and it has all hardwood floors! I would love to have a steam cleaner – I have heard of these before but this specific one I found out about on here! Really excited about a chance to win one!

  68. I never would of thought just water would clean tile by steaming it with no chemicals. We just bought our first home and it is all tile. We scrubbed for hours trying to get it clean. This would be a dream!!!

  69. Love that you can vacuum AND steam mop with one appliance AND can change the settings for hardwood, tile, etc. NEED THIS! 🙂

  70. I learned that the Oreck can move from hardwood to carpet, which is great. I am cleaning with two totally separate appliances. The Oreck would be a dream!!!!

  71. We have wood, tile and linoleum in our house – and all on the same level! This would be a great way to clean all of those with the same tool AND be able to vacuum the rug in the kitchen!

  72. I love how fast you can go from vacuuming to steam mopping. I need one of these for my tile floors!!

  73. I learned that it’s an amazing product that allows you to control the temperature of steam depending on floor type and it’s easy to use.

  74. I learned that this vac and steamer does not lack in either function, no chemicals needed, and easy clean up. Sounds like the perfect cleaning tool!!

  75. I love love loooove the fact that it uses steam rather than chemicals! Also love the fact that you can switch between the steamer and the vaccuum with only a tap of your foot! Gosh I could really use this! Please, oh please pick me!!

  76. Well, I didn’t even know that the VersaVac existed! Knowing that I can disinfect those hard wood floors for my crawling babies then go right on to vacuum my carpet without having to get out another hefty vacuum makes me happy! It’s a great time saver among other great things! My most important thing in life is my time… This would really make for less time cleaning my floors and they get disinfected for my babies at the same time.. It’s a win win! 🙂 And of course, I liked your Facebook and Pinterest 🙂

  77. I learned that the steaming action of the vac only used a tiny bit of water. It’s amazing that it can do such an awesome job! Be especially blessed, Kathy

  78. With three small boys, our carpet,wood and tile floors stay a mess. Having the Oreck Versavac would mean less time cleaning and more time with my boys!!

  79. Learn so much by following your blog…First time I’ve heard of the VersaVac…Perfect for clean wood floors without worrying about damage.

  80. I did pin it on Pinterest. Since my house has become an entire “work shop” this would be wonderful to have on hand.

  81. Amazing”you can steam by not using chemicals – just water! Learned that today. Also that the VersaVac exists!

  82. OMG!! With 1920’s hardwood oak floors, this would definitely be the answer to cleaning those old monsters!! Love it!!

  83. I learned that this would actually work on my hardwood floors. Its hard to find cleaners that wont damage them. Love it.

  84. Excited that their’s finally a vacuum/steamer that actually works well! So excited that you girls got your own commercial too!! 🙂

  85. Dear VersaVac- I can’t believe you vacuum and steam floors. That right there is my favorite quality you possess!

  86. I learned that I wouldn’t be overwhelmed to empty it or add water with very simple steps 🙂 I also learned that I would love to have one of these :))

  87. I love the fact that the VersaVac is a steam mop and that you don’t have to use chemicals to clean your floors.

  88. I learned how convinent the OrecVersa Vac is because that is so handy that you can vacuum, mop/steam all with one machine!!

  89. I LOVE that it’s a steam mop and vacuum in one! WIth a 7 month old puppy in the house, I could definitely use it!

  90. Wow – not only does the VersaVac vacuum and steam but its so easy to use. No mess clean up, no chemicals (just water) and it cleans a large area in one go. I definitely need one of these for our new home!

  91. And i just started following u on Facebook… i think… i have obviously lived under a rock too long and facebook is still ‘new’ for me!!!

  92. Oh how i wish this could be shipped to Australia!! i love the steam without chemicals with a bub crawling around.

  93. I love this new Oreck VersaVac! It looks amazing! And I love how it can go from one floor surface to another! I am all for faster cleaning!

  94. Wowza!! No more bucket & mop, looks very easy to use (one touch with your finger) & it is a STEAM CLEANER and a VACUUM; is what I love about it!!!!! I would LOVE to win this 🙂

  95. Love that it will vacuum and steam my new hardwood floors. Just moved into a new house and am not loving all the sweeping and mopping I have been doing, this looks like it could save some time 🙂

  96. I learned that it works on hardwood floors! Does it work on stained concrete that has been sealed with wax? I would love if it does that too:-)

  97. A multi-functional product that will alleviate the chore of cleaning my floors by hand as well as handle the dust bunnies that I missed all at the same time? YES PLEASE!!

  98. I LOVE that you can steam mop your wood, tile and/or linoleum. I love that there are separate temperatures for each of them! Having a baby crawling all around on the ground, it would be WONDERFUL knowing how clean our floors are for him!! Following you on Facebook!

  99. We have 2 dogs and I’d love the fact that I don’t have to pull out 3 separate tools to clean the floors! The vaccuuming and steaming in one tool is amazing! 🙂

  100. Oh man, would I love to have this one!!!! An Oreck vacuum has long been my dream appliance, and the Versavac looks very very cool. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  101. Wow! A vacuum and a steam mop in one! Plus it looks so easy to use – with the simple buttons to change settings and you’re able to dump out everything so easily! I also like how you don’t need a cleaner, just water, for the steam setting! Love it!!

  102. Oh it looks so easy to use! I hope that I win, my kitchen floors NEED this! I love also the vacuum dust collector and that you don’t have to touch it to empty it. AWESOME!

  103. All in one is great! We’ve never had a steam mop and with an almost 2 yr old, a baby on the way, and moving into a new house that will need some serious tlc this would be a blessing!

  104. I would love to win this! It would make cleaning up after snack and meal times so much quicker. I could vacuum up the crumbs and steam the floor in just a few minutes!!!

  105. Vaccuum AND steam?!?!?!? And user friendly on top of everything. This could be my new best friend…. So happy I follow you to see this opportunity!

  106. This product looks awesome! It can steam mop and with just the tap of the foot switch to a vacuum. It would be perfect for my all hardwood floors house! You also don’t have to buy any special or harmful products to run it off of. Just simply use H2O!!!

  107. I like that it is a 2-in-1. You can go from sweeping to mopping and not have to worry about a thing. Seems easy to use and very handy! Thanks for sharing. I am following Shanty2Chic on Pinterest and Facebook! You gals are awesome!

  108. Awesome! My entire house is ceramic tile so I always vacuum to clean floors. I have owned nearly every kind of vacuum too! I bought a steam/vac last year and it still vacuums but the steamer portion broke. ;-( To get the floors really clean, sweeping and mopping can take two hours, I would love the sleek, new Oreck to speed up this process!

  109. Follower on Pinterest and Facebook, just pinned your post! Love that it does not use cleaners or chemicals, just water!!

  110. This is seriously so awesome! It was fun to see you gals “in person” kind of, you know what I mean…Anyway I learned that you can switch from hard floors to carpets so quickly, and that you steam the floor with just water, perfect!

  111. I love that the water reservoir is revovable!! I had a steamer that you had to lift te entire thing up and put it in your sink to fill or dump. Alas, that steamer died in a terrible husband-helped-clean-the-floors accident… And since my vacuum is on its last leg a well, this little combo would be a literal dream machine for our house of seven!! How is its performance on stairs??

  112. I love the fact that I can steam with water and no chemicals. With a 2 year old and a baby on the way that is super important to me! This VersaVac seems so perfect!

  113. This would be great on my hardwood floors! Vacuum those crumbs and mop up the dirt, love it!

  114. Definitely need one of these. Been vacuum and steam mop shopping, love that it takes the place of both and works.

  115. I love that fact that its a steam mop which only requires water, no money spent on pricey chemicals which can be harmful!

  116. I’ve learned that Oreck makes some pretty dependable, easy to use products! And the VersaVac would make me feel MUCH better about having carpet in a rented home 🙂

  117. I love that it doesn’t require harsh chemicals! I have kitties that are always licking their paws, so i feel so much better knowing they won’t be licking off something harmful to them! This sounds like such an awesome win-win product! Thanks for sharing!

  118. I love this concept & love how you only need water & a minute for it to be ready. I have a dinosaur of a vacuum & with 4 kids in my home & 1 on the way…what’s mopping?! I need this! Thanks!

  119. I have never heard of the VersaVac… so it is all something new I learned today. And I love love love what I am seeing! Can’t wait to see you in the commercial {wink}

  120. Per others, I have heard how great Oreck is. With the flow and traffic in this house and the convenience it offers, this product is a must have!!!!

  121. I love the fact that it doesn’t use any chemicals! Definitely a plus for a household with small children.

  122. Awesome, there’s a trigger lick so you don’t have to hold the button down! This would be a dream! 🙂

  123. Dudes! You’re going to be on TV! So cool. I learned that you don’t need stinky solution. 🙂

  124. i learned that i NEED this for my kitchen! and i love how it has different steam settings for different floor types!

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