Good morning guys!

I’m so excited to share my kitchen makeover with you today!  The kitchen cabinets are painted gray, and I could not be more happy!

Here are a few shots of how things are looking now…

Now for the confession…

Before sharing this, did I mention that I have 5 kids under the age of 9?  Just making sure ;-)…

So… I pride myself in being a DIY girl.  I think many of you know that about me.  I love doing things by myself.  I find it rewarding and exciting… And cheap!  I have been mulling over the idea of painting my cabinets for sometime.  When we built the house 3 years ago, I had every cabinet in the house painted an off-white color and glazed.  After 3 years the glaze started looking more like dirt to me.  I would wipe the cabinets down, and still feel like they were dirty when I was all done.  Here is a very small shot of what it looked like…

It was time for a change!  I knew I could paint cabinets.  I painted my laundry room cabinets with great success.  They have stood the test of time.  But…. The kitchen is a different story.  I thought I might have a week or so over the Summer without the kids home when I could knock them out.  Summer came and went, and that never happened.  I knew I couldn’t tackle these during nap time and bedtime like I do everything else.  If you knew my 2 year old, you would totally understand ;-).  The thought of trying to keep her out of the kitchen for a week was enough to keep me from getting started every time.

Then, a sweet friend of mine said the magic words… ‘I know a great painter.’

That was all it took.

I decided to have Lalo the painter come give me a bid.  I was SHOCKED.  He gave me his quote, and I immediately scheduled a start date with him.  I couldn’t believe how low his price was.

For you local Dallas/Ft. Worth people…

His company’s name is Lalo’s Painting.  They did BEYOND an amazing job.  You all know I am cheap, and his price fit my budget perfectly!  I asked him if I could share his phone number,  and he said yes (although I did get a blank stare when I tried to tell him I had a blog ;-))…


I knew I had made the right decision very early on.  I left when they arrived to buy one more bucket of paint.  I came back about 45 minutes later, and they had already rolled the ceiling and the walls!  SOLD!

I do consider this a DIY job.  What exactly did I do myself???

~ I knew when to call in the big dogs for some help!  This came in the form of 2 very nice men who had the job done perfectly in less than 48 hours!

~ I picked a paint color!

I originally planned on using Valspar for my paint.  I picked a beautiful color that I LOVE.  It was called Coastal Villa.  For me it was the perfect ‘greige’!  I have a creamy white as my trim color and Santa Cecilia granite.  I had to find a color that pulled everything together.  This one did the trick!

I knew I wanted to do an oil-base satin on the kitchen cabinets. It wears super well and chips the very least.  I went to buy it at Lowe’s, and Valspar only carried it in semi-gloss and gloss.  So, I took my paint chip over to my local Sherwin-Williams store and had them match it.  This is my first time buying from Sherwin-Williams.  My favorite part was their receipts.  They actually have all your paint codes printed on the receipt.  You can also call the store and order more off of your receipt.  This keeps you from waiting in line  at the hardware store to have a mixed… Definitely a plus with 5 kiddos!

So… Here is a picture of the code for my cabinet color…

And here is a picture of the code for my walls and ceiling…

And a few more pics of my new kitchen…

Hope you love it as much as I do!

I feel like I have a brand new kitchen.  A little paint goes a LONG way!

Let me know if you have any questions at all!  And of course… I would love some pins and shares below!  Have a great Wednesday!


P.S.  My floors are stained concrete.  😉

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  1. Loving the “new” kitchen!! and I love your floors, I am trying to convince my husband to go that route but he keeps telling me he thinks walking on concrete will be hard on our feet…wah wah I will get my way eventually 🙂 Quick question about your cabinets, that scroll embelishment or design not sure what its called, did you add that yourself?

    1. My cabinet maker added it with a little glue and nails before we had them painted. I love them! And I hear you… They eventually realize that our way is the best! ;-))

  2. I love it! Grey is my fav – right up there with white in my all-white spaces! And yes, it’s still a DIY when you know when to hand parts of it over to the big guys! Good for you. Less stress that way too!

  3. Looks incredible! I love the pop of green the apples provide. I have you though about carrying a splash of color like that onto your stools?

  4. I love it! That’s so funny, too, because the whole time I was thinking, how did she do her floors? Thanks for the p.s 🙂

  5. Just beautiful! You mentioned the name of the color for your cabinets but dont see the name for walls and ceiling, besides the code you posted….could you share please?

    1. Mila… When we moved in I had it painted with a Ralph Lauren color called Architectural Off-White. They have discontinued that line of paint, but HD will still make it if you ask for it. I had it matched with the Sherwin-Williams paint by taking in a piece of wood with the color on it. Hope this helps!!

  6. Love the “new” kitchen! But, I want to know more about your stained concrete floors. LOVE!!!! Did you do them?

    1. Thanks Melissa! We had it done when we built the house. I know that is easier than pulling up existing floors, but I have seen it done and it is very cool and rustic. I like the texture and the old lines from old flooring it leaves behind. Mine cleans well and the kids can’t ruin it if they try. I do wish we would have gone with a better sealant because the stain is lightening in some areas we use a lot. Still love it though…. Adds to the rustic charm I suppose 😉 Hope this helps!

      1. Do you happen to remember the color of the stain you used for the floors? We are building a house and my husband is staining our floors next week so that means I pick stain this weekend! Love the color of yours!

  7. AMAZING. Truly gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your painter. I am in between Justin and Rhome and will hopefully be able to use him for the one area I can’t tackle… the vaulted stairway.

  8. We just moved to the DFW area – going to keep the painters number handy and give him a call when we are ready to paint!

  9. often times I see parts of kitchens I like…this is the first kitchen where i like everything…and i dont just like–I LOVE!!! My favorite kitchen by far (and ive seen probably thousands in planning ours!) We just installed Santa Cecilia, too. I love it, although I wish we’d gone with the creamier one like yours. great job! looks beautiful!!!

    1. Thank you so much Laura!! You are sweet and this totally made my day! I would LOVE to see yours when you get it all finished!

  10. They look awesome! We had cream cabinets once with a glaze too and I felt like all I did was wipe them down, this is a sharp looking alternative to white cabinets. The grey with the creamy white trim is perfect!

    1. I never really had before pictures because we built the house ‘pre-blog’ The best befores, although small would probably be in this post…

  11. This looks great. I’ve been seeing a lot of gray kitchens lately. Si glad you could find someone to do the work for you.

  12. I LOOOOOVE IT! Do you guys have a home tour link on the site that I’m missing? I wish y’all could come give me tips on mine bc I know what I like but I can’t make it happen =(

    1. You are sweet Thien! We have pics of just about every inch of the houses, but we haven’t done a tour post… Good thinking though! Maybe we can add that to the lineup!