Hey guys! Hope you all had a great weekend!  We had a beautiful one here in Texas, and I’m back to share my revamped dining chairs!

Here are what they have looked like for the last two years…

They aren’t horrible but I have had the itch to lighten things up in there.

I started by removing my cushions. Most of the dining chairs I have recovered are similar in design on this part.  I just unscrewed the 6 screws on each chair from the bottom to remove the cushion.

You will need a few cheap and wonderful tools for this project.  These tools are a must for me and I use them on lots of things.

Needle nose pliers and End cutter pliers

Staple gun

You will first need to remove the current fabric.  If mine isn’t too thick I sometimes just cover over it.  In this case I removed it using my pliers.

I found a great Dwell Studio fabric at Joann’s to cover the cushions.  I used my old fabric to measure and cut my pieces.

Now it’s staple time!  I start with the “top and bottom”.  You want to make sure you pull tight, but don’t stretch the fabric too much.

Now you will do the same to your sides and leave a small piece like this on each corner.

Fold those pieces down and staple them last.

That’s it for the cushion part!

For my chairs I decided that I didn’t have the will power to latex paint them.  I used a trusty friend on all of my chairs…

Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Heirloom White spray paint

This just happened to match my Dutch Boy color I used on the table perfectly.  Each chair took two good coats.  The only hard part about this was the 105 temps here in Texas, and I am 31 weeks pregnant.  Otherwise… It was a breeze!

Once the chairs were dry I used a 220 grit sanding block to lightly distress my edges.

I have a pretty easy method to attach the cushions back on the chairs.  I use my bed…

Just screw the cushion back on and you are set!  Super easy!  Here they are with the table….

They also make great photo props ;-)…

Thanks so much Miss Janet for getting pictures of my baby turning 1 this last week.  I love them and you!

Hope you like the chairs!  It was an inexpensive and rewarding fix to my dark dining room and I love them.  Have a great week!

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  1. Sorry I know this post was from forever ago but I would also like to ditto Sheila mackay’s comment. Particularly:
    1. How many cans did it take (i too have 8 chairs to do).
    2. Is it hard not to get it all patchy???
    3. Do you seal it after with polycrlic???
    They look stunning !!! Thanku for yr time!!!

  2. I would also like to ditto Sheila mackay’s comment. particularly how many cans did it take (i too have 8 chairs to do) and is it hard not to get it patchy??? & do you seal it after with polycrlic??? Thanku for yr time!!! Juanita (aka Giggling Gerty on pintrest).
    P.s. i totally have a crush on you guys (well you, but more your homes, sorry) at the moment.. I love your taste and style… i could very happily live in your homes!!!!!

  3. Love the results! I want to do this but would love some info first. Did you have to sand the chairs before painting? How do you get the spray paint to look even and not spotty? How many cans of paint did it take? Do you have to put a clear coat over the paint to protect from getting scratched.

  4. I love your new dining room. It looks fabulous. I especially like the gray walls with the white trim.

    We recovered our dining chairs this past year. We had a white/tan fabric that was thrashed after having our daughter use them for a couple years. When we recovered our chairs with new fabric, we covered two of them with plastic for our two kids to use. I LOVE it. I thought they’d be kind of sticky to sit on which is why we didn’t do all six with the clear plastic. However, I wish we had done it on all of them. If you’d like to see pictures of what it looks like, you can read my post on it here and scroll to the bottom. http://simplythrifty.blogspot.com/2011/04/simply-homemade-reupholstered-dining.html

    Thanks for your blog! I enjoy reading it!

  5. I love the transformation! I am in the process of doing the same thing- redoing my dining room and table. I am recovering my chairs as well and love seeing yours and how nice it all turned out! I haven’t posted any pics, but am hoping to tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  6. Everything you do is beautiful! I am wondering, though, how do you keep everything so clean/white with kids in your home? i have trouble in my home with 3 boys!

  7. Oh, I LOVE it! I recently painted my new dining room a light blue/gray color and love how it brightened everything up. I also love your curtains… I think I might have to make some since the kiddos are back in school! Thanks for inspiring me!

  8. Hello- great job on the chairs!!
    I was wondering if your dining room floor is stained cement? Love the color!
    If it is can you tell me how you did it?

    1. It is Joanie… We had a company do it when we built the house so I am not much help there! Just make sure you use a good sealer if you go for it yourself. That is where we messed up!