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Let me first start off by saying… Never underestimate the power of nesting.  I have been a maniac here!  I finally got the girls moved into their new room over the weekend.   This involved moving all of the furniture and cutting the beds down a bit because of the odd ceiling lines in the new room.  When I had that all finished, I decided to build the girls some bedside tables.  This is where I got myself into a little bit of trouble 🙂

I went to Ana’s site to find the plans.  I innocently typed in “bedside table” and then THIS popped up.  It was fate, I’m pretty sure 😉

Two hours later,  I was driving to Lowe’s and Home Depot to get all my supplies.

I have to give a big old shout out to Kirsten from The Crafting Chicks.  Her AMAZING kitchen was my total and compete inspiration for the one that I built.  I showed my hubby the picture and told him I would be building it for the girls.  He laughed at me and told me I was building it for myself… He knows me too well.  This is one of my favorite projects I have done in a long time.

I won’t give you the how-to because you can go to Ana’s site for that, but I will offer a few photos and tips.

After reading Kirsten’s post and Ana’s plan I made my list.  I built all 3 pieces (stove, sink and fridge) and I will be doing a dishwasher next week.

I wanted really straight wood to save me the hassle of trying to line up corners in 100 degree weather, 5 months pregnant.  For my 1×12’s and 1×8 pieces I used a piece of 4×8 hardwood plywood.  I had the nice man at Home Depot cut it down for me while I picked up the rest of the supplies.  I used select pine boards for the other pieces which were slightly more expensive, but super straight.  For the wood I spent $63.

My sink is a dog bowl from Wal-Mart.  It was around $4.

I ordered my faucet with free shipping from Amazon.  It was a splurge at $30 but my girls really wanted the real faucet (so did I) and I didn’t have Kirsten’s great luck on Ebay for $13. Oh shwell.

These are the hinges I used for the oven door and fridge doors from Home Depot.

These are the magnet closures I used from Home Depot…About $1 a piece.  I used one on my stove and 2 on the fridge.

My burners are craft circles from Hobby Lobby.  I bought 2 small ones and 2 larger ones for $3.  The iron hooks are my towel rack and a utensil rack. I bought them both at Hobby Lobby for under $10 They got a bit of a revamp today 🙂

Here are a few progress pics…

Excuse my shanty pictures!  The reveal will make up for it… I promise.

That’s it for today.  I will share the rest of the details with you in my next post.  I will also show you the finished kitchen!  So fun!

This truly was very easy to build!  It’s almost like putting together a puzzle.  And the end result is the best part!  I love my the girls new kitchen ;-)!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!!

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  1. This weekend there is an annual pumpkin festival at the park next to my house….it will be mobbed with kids and moms. I’m making a few sample pieces, kitchen, etc for Christmas orders. First of all, I cannot tell you how very much I appreciate you posting the little details, with pics!!! Everytime I’m doing a big Ana project, I love to see that you’ve also done it and I always come and read your post. These little things, magnetic door closers??? lol, I’d never have thought of, but now I’ve got a pic in my mind, and will be able to hunt them out. The dog bowl> I was sitting here biting my nails trying to think of something to use.
    Just wanted you to know, a. your blogging is much appreciated, and b. You are inspiring me.

    I’m and ER nurse, I’m off on leave now due to a child recovering from a life or death situation, she fought and made it through a very hard time, that’s the short version of it….So I’ll be selling these kitchens for Christmas, for extra wood money, and XMas money….since you’ve already made the set, what would you think to charge for it. I am adding a “stainless steel’ fridge…magnetized. Any thoughts> thanks in advance, Angie Southern Ca
    also on Facebook, AngieBrashears66

  2. I love, love, love the kitchen….. I am going to try to make it for a christmas present for my niece….can you post how you made the sink curtain it is so cute…I want to make one for my “REAL” kitchen….Thanks Sheila

    1. I Carolyn. I actually use a Ryobi battery nailer. Whitney uses a nailer with a compressor:) Hope this helps!

  3. My dad is going to LOVE me when I give him yet another project to make!! But this time it’s for his granddaughter and only a little me;)

    1. Love it Reina! I swear it’s addicting… I want to keep adding accessories and stuff! I’m living vicariously through my kids I guess ;-)) She will love it!