So, I have an amazing friend I have that I have mentioned about to you all before.  Well, she is amazing for many reasons but the quality I will share with you today is that she will dumpster dive just for me!  I can’t tell you how many times she has called me on the way to my house with a piece a funiture she jacked from someones trash.  That’s where this story starts!
I get a call right after morning drop-off from Lauri.  She is camped out on someone’s driveway guarding the most awesome broke-down rocking chair that someone tossed with the trash.  Knowing it was the perfect addition for my nursery she not only stayed guard in her car so no one would take our treasure, she helped me load it in my truck in her pjs!  It was quite a site… both in our pj’s and me in my rollers loading a broken (yet amazing) rocking chair into my pick-up!
Fast forward 3 months and many cobwebs later and it was ready for rehab!  As you can see one of the arms had broken off and was missing two of the spindles.  There were also many cracks and pieces falling off……this chair was begging for some Gorilla Glue Wood Glue!
Because the spindles were missing from the broken arm rest, I sawed off the same spindles on the opposite side.
I then sanded the stubs down flush with the seat and filled the holes on the bad side with wood putty.  To attach the broken arm I predrilled a hole though the seat and then drove a long wood screw up from the bottom through the spindle.  I secured with Gorilla Wood Glue and it worked like a charm!
Because I have no clue who this chair came from or where it has been I opted for two coats of Killz (spray paint) before painting.  This also helped reduce the coats of colored spray paint!
I found the perfect spray paint to match the baby bedding…and it just so happens to be our fav Rust-Oleum! The color is Summer Squash and it is the prettiest yellow I have ever seen!
2 coats later…..
I distressed the edges with my 3M sanding block…
You can see cracks where I had to Gorilla Glue Wood Glue some pieces back on….I could have puttied over the cracks but I LOVE that you can see the cracks…adds to the worn look.
I love the seat!  It’s solid wood and about 4″ thick!
Pictures don’t do the size of this chair justice!  It’s a Grand Rocking Chair and solid wood!  It just hugs you when you sit in it!
Did I mention it was FREE!  Minus the $9 for spray paint!  I owe this find to Lauri!!!  This is the perfect rocker for my nursery and it’s such a focal point in the room.  I can’t believe someone put it out with the trash but I am very thankful they did!  Hope you all have a great week!
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  1. Have you hooked this up to the CSI Project this week? The theme is Roadkill Rescue and this totally qualifies. I love the color you used. It is totally unexpected!

  2. What an awesome chair to rock that new sweet baby in. I love it!! And the color is so beautiful. Such a pretty shade of yellow. I love those freebies! Love & blessings from NC!

  3. found you through a friend on fb who said you were one of her favorite blogs. And I just had to comment and tell you that chair is absolutely magnificent!!! LOVE IT:) you did an awesome job and I really like the way you left the cracks show and distressed it. That color looks wonderful with the worn look too. you deserve a WOOT!WOOT! for this one!!

  4. What a beauty! I laughed out loud at the pic in my mind of you in pj's and rollers putting that chair in the truck!

  5. Wow! that is a beautiful addition to a nursery! You did a great job fixing it up, and I love the color. thank you for sharing.

  6. I just had a total AHA moment. Taking out the extra spindles on the other side so they match was genius!! When I saw the before picture I was thinking how are they going to match those up. Thanks for another awesome post!

  7. I love the distressing. I am trying to get the courage to paint some bedroom furniture. Wouldn't that be a cool HGTV show, make a treasure out of trash and then let the people see what they threw away. How cool!

  8. That IS the most prettiest color of yellow. I love it! If the people who threw it away saw it now, they'd be sorry.

  9. Wow, that's where I shopped for our nursery! Very nicely done, and the Summer Squash is just divine.

  10. The old castoff turned into a lovely rocker for the baby's room.
    Love the color and how you sanded it in all the right places.


  11. I love trash to treasures…they all come with a story that way…you have done a very nice job on this…so lovley…and oh the memories you will make in this chair…nice.

    $9.00 great deal…nice color too..

  12. They just don't make em like they used to, right?!

    My sister loaded up a humongus glider in her tiny car last summer, just for me. AND she did the re-staining herself. I LOVE that chair!

  13. Literally from Trash to Treasure! It turned out awesome! I love that color – and the distressing is perfect! Great job – as always! 🙂