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If you have been following us on social media lately, then you know that we have invested in our very first Shanty Fli House! We have done so many renovations in the past but they have been for families. This time, we are renovating and selling this house! We teamed up with CORT to add the important finishing touches to our first Shanty2Chic Flip House!

Shanty2Chic Flip House

CORT Outlet

CORT Outlet

Being furniture designers, we know going into this project how important the final reveal of this flip house is. We want to make this house feel like a home to every buyer that walks in. So, the final reveal is our starting point as we are planning our flip! We have so many pieces that we plan to build for this home but we know we need to have furniture that we don’t build, as well. So, we reached out to our friends at CORT to help us out with the finish out!

We headed to our local CORT Outlet to get started on our finish out design! They have furniture that we can rent and a section of clearance furniture that we can purchase at a discount! There were so many colors and styles of quality furniture to choose from and we found so many pieces that will work great for our vision! CORT also offers a variety of lease terms which is great for us, not knowing how long we will have the flip house on the market!


Our first plan of action was to find couches for the living room. We will be tearing down walls in our flip home to make one large space that will house the living room, entry, kitchen and dining room. It’s important in an open floor plan to anchor each space and the best way to do that is with furniture. We want every buyer walking into this home to be able to picture their family living in each space and easily see the vision for this home that we have in our heads.

CORT Sofa with Pillows

We were blown away by the sofa selections and these pillows are our new favorites!

We looked at some options for dining tables to fit the Dining Table we will be building!


We found several rugs that will be great options in this home!


We were even able to find lamps, bed linens and mattresses!

We are thrilled that we have teamed up with CORT to help us make this house a home! From the quality of the furniture, the huge variety of styles and colors to the customer service, we are blown away. CORT will be delivering our furniture to the flip house for us AND picking it up once our lease term is finished! This was such a smooth and easy process for us so we can get busy and work on the renovation process!

Shanty2Chic Flip House

Here’s a small sneak peak of the house before we got our hands on it!

Shanty2Chic Flip House

This is a two-story, 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 2 car garage home with 2,484 square feet on one acre! We picked this house to flip because of the location, the cool gambrel roof and the fact that it is surrounded by pasture!

The house is in great shape for the age but our goals are to raise the low ceilings, tear down a few walls, and move the stairs away from the front door to create a big open feel. We will also be adding 1,000 square feet of living space.



Flip House Entry

Living Room

The front door opens straight into the stairs. This feels tight and uncomfortable and it’s not the grand opening that we envision for this home in the end. So, we plan to relocate the stairs to another part of the home. More on that later.

Flip House Living Room

Just off of the entry is the living room. It is boxed off with 4 walls closing it from the rest of the home.


Flip House Kitchen

On the other side of the living room walls is the galley kitchen. It has a beautiful window overlooking the pasture but again, it’s closed off from the rest of the home.


Flip House Den

Just off of the kitchen is the Den or what we called the “random room”. The door along the wall leads to the front of the home, the side door leads to the garage. Again, more walls and more closed off rooms.


Downstairs Bedroom or Study

If you walk between the ovens and the folding cabinets, in the kitchen, you will find the downstairs full bathroom and a study which has a closet so it can also be a bedroom.


Moving upstairs, there are three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Two of the secondary bedrooms and a bathroom are over the living room. There is also a master bedroom and bathroom on the other side of the stairs.


Flip House Front Upstairs Bedroom

This is a secondary bedroom, over the living room, at the front of the house.


Flip House Back Upstairs Bedroom


This is the bathroom at the top of left of the stairs.

Master Bedroom

Upstairs Master Bedroom

The master suite is to the right of the stairs. The bedroom is a great size with lots of light and big windows.

Master Bathroom

Upstairs Master Bathroom

The master bath is just off the bedroom.

Our Vision

Here is the original floor plan for the first floor.

Here is the floor plan for our vision of the first floor.

Here is the original floor plan for the second floor.

Here is the floor plan for our vision of the second floor

What’s Going

Two Upstairs Bedrooms

We plan to remove the two secondary bedrooms that are over the living room and the wall and closets between the living room and entry. This will give us a huge two-story ceiling in the entry and living room and feature the gambrel roof line! We will highlight the new ceiling line with a beautiful beam and take the fireplace all the way up to the ceiling.


We are relocating the stairs to the back of the house where the kitchen nook is. This will give us a completely open view from the front door through to the back of the house, 20 foot ceilings.

Upstairs Bathrooms

To open up the living room, kitchen and entry and to relocate the stairs, we had to eliminate the two bathrooms upstairs.

What’s Staying

Living Room

As we mentioned, the living room will remain the living room but it will be open to the entry and the kitchen now with a two-story ceiling.


The kitchen will remain where it is but it will be open to the entry and living room and it will have the two-story ceiling. The kitchen nook will now be the new location for the stairs.


The Bedroom/Study on the other side of the original stairs will stay and remain a bedroom or study.

Downstairs Bathroom

The full bathroom downstairs will remain a full bathroom.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom upstairs will become a secondary bedroom upstairs.


The den or “random room” will become the new master suite.


Part of the existing garage will become the master bathroom and closet.

What’s New

We plan to add 1,000 square feet to the existing home by adding concrete to the front of the garage and building living space above the garage.

Master Suite

The new master suite will now be downstairs where the Den once was.


We will add a mud room area off of the garage and next to the laundry room.

Laundry Room

The original floor plan didn’t have a laundry room. There were hookups for the washer and dryer in the garage. So, we are adding a laundry room next to the mud room area.

Secondary Bedrooms

We are adding two secondary bedrooms above the garage and mud areas.


We are adding two bathrooms in the new upstairs living space.

Flex Space

We have room in the new build upstairs to add a flex space AND a cove area for a study spot.


We are also adding a balcony off of the flex space to highlight the surrounding pasture.

Garage Bay

We added concrete to the existing foundation to create a three car garage. Garage space is like gold in our area of Texas because we don’t have basements!

That’s it for now! We can’t wait to show you what we do with this house! We have a full Youtube series coming that will document the entire process! Make sure to subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss it! In the meantime, make sure to check out CORT!


Here’s an update of what the furniture looks like inside the flip house! Enjoy!

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  1. Cool article! The partnership with CORT looks like a great decision since those furnitures are looking nice. Great work!

  2. The partnership with CORT seems like a fantastic choice, especially with their varied furniture options and flexible lease terms.

  3. Every share in the website is really great. Swimming is our daily activity. Choose suitable house designs. Decorative items have uniformity.

  4. Thank you for the still shots, we get a much richer experience of what you did.
    What is it listed for?

    The purchase price plus expense while you remodel, and the cost of the crew , materials, ladies this was way fun but also business….. yep thats the side most people don’t know about, Insurance, property taxes, its worth what ever your asking, congrats gals!

  5. Hello!
    Congratulations on your first flip. I think you both are great!
    Very talented & inspiring. I am a DIY er too. Stay strong & God bless
    you both. Looking forward to seeing more of your flip.