Submitted By: Mary Ann Nugent

Original Shanty2Chic project it was inspired by:

Time to Complete: 2 hrs

Total Cost: $6-7

Finishing Details:
When I saw your spice rack on your pantry door I knew I could adapt this for my cupboard door. My spices were impossible to see and this made so much more room inside the cupboard even though I had to trim a bit of each shelf to close the door. I love it! Thanks for the inspiration!
1-1x3x8 white wood/pine (I had an extra piece to use for shelving)
5/8″ dowels
L brackets w/screws

Measure the inside of the cabinet for dimensions.
Allow 1/2 inch smaller on top, bottom, sides, for clearance.
Cut 1 x 3 white wood boards for length (2) and top (2).
Assemble frame with 1.25 pocket hole screws.
Measure my spice jars and determined shelf spacing.
Cut 1x 3 she,ves (use inside frame measurement)
Assemble shelves to frame with 1.24 pocket hole screws.
Cut dowel 1/16 larger than inside measurement of frame, sliding into place to hold jars. (no drilling holes).
Use small “L” brackets on inside of frame, top and bottom to attach to cupboard.
Measure how far the rack extended into cabinet, trimmed cabinet shelves (approx1.5″) so cupboard door with rack attached fully closes.


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