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With 5 kiddos, I am constantly trying to be creative on teacher gifts.  I love my kids teachers… All 7 of them!  Yup… 7.  I owe them my right arm for the time they invest in my children, but unfortunately that doesn’t fit my tight budget 🙂

My love of practicality paired with my love of wrapping paper brought me to this teacher gift idea this year!

wrapping paper gift printable

Isn’t it fun?  To me, it’s like getting diapers at a baby shower.  Can’t go wrong! 😉

My baby sister helped me come up with this idea.  Her husband is the worship pastor at their church and one of their members gave all of the staffers gift wrap supplies as a Christmas gift this year.  We loved the idea!  I decided to give each teacher a roll of really cute wrapping paper to wrap their own gifts.  I bought clear treat bags from Target (party aisle), and filled each one with some matching bows, gift tags, ribbon and a roll of tape.  Bam.  Everything they need to wrap some last minute gifts!  I decided to make a fun printable to attach to it, because who doesn’t love that??  I printed mine on white card stock, cut it out, and I used a hole punch to run the ribbon through the top corner.

You can click HERE or the button below to print the printable for yourself!

Print Teacher Gift Printable

I am so happy with how they turned out.  I think they would be great neighbor and friend gifts too!  Plus, it gives you another excuse to buy cute wrapping paper, which I happen to have an addiction to.

teacher gift idea

wrapping paper gift printable

Hope you love them!  Let me know if you have any questions at all!

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  2. I know this was an older post, but I gave wrapping paper, ribbon, tape, and labels this year for teacher gifts. Four out of eight have told me what a great idea and that they appreciated it. Thank you for the idea!

  3. I loved this so much last year (I’m using my wrapping paper this year & it was so nice to already have what I needed to get started) that I’m doing it for my oldest’s teachers! Thanks for sharing and for the gift last year!

  4. Just curious if you have announced the winners of the ryobi compressor and nail gun kit? Thanks for your great blog!

  5. This is too much!! I saw this idea and decided to do for my kids teachers as well!! Thank you for sharing your gift tag, it’s WAAAYYY better than some other options out there! Also, I like the bag of bows, etc too!! Thank you for your creativity! I do enjoy your blog!!