Hey guys!  I finally have window treatments in my living room!  It’s been a year since we moved in and I am a little embarassed that I have only one room that has window treatments…..make that two now thanks to Whitney:) 
I chose to use the same fabric that I used in my dining room because the rooms are adjoining….and because I LOVE it!  You can get it at Hobby Lobby for $19.99 a yard but we always use 40% off coupons!  Whitney had a great idea to save money on these by using the canvas drop clothes from Lowes.  We needed one for both panels at a price of $13!  After that it was just 1 1/2 yards of fabric for $18.  I saved over $50 in fabric and I love the way the canvas looks. 
Whitney cut the drop cloth in half long ways and sewed the fabric right on top!  Doing this prevents you from having to line the back of the fabric.  I hemmed them myself with an iron and hot glue gun!  I just folded the ends up where I wanted them to hang, ironed a crease and secured with a thin line of hot glue.  I also went back over it with the iron to smooth out the hot glue.
I also installed the hardware on my own.  I used a favorite of ours by Allen & Roth.  You can find this line at Lowes and it has so many different finals, color and accents to customize your window!  It is a bit pricey but with the money I saved from the fabric it wasn’t too bad!  I love this sconce in the middle of the two windows.  It allows the poles to meet in the middle without showing a seam!
Once again, I owe a huge thank you to my seamstress sister Whitney!  I couldn’t purchase panels this pretty.  She created them and at a very low price!  Now on to the rest of my house….
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  1. I have the drop cloths, but I kept thinking they needed a lil sumthin sumthin…this is it! Thanks so much for sharing your idea.

  2. Okay I have finally been talked into buying a drop cloth! I love these. The fabric looks wonderful on top too.

  3. These are awesome! I too, dont have any window treatments on my windows after 4 years of living here! Thanks for some inspiration!!!

  4. I am loving the drop cloth drape craze that is going on right now! And the fabric you chose goes PERFECTLY with it. I'm thinking about trying it out in my master bedroom…and after your post, well it won't take much more to convince me! It looks great — plus I love the quick no-sew hemming! So simple!

  5. I have the EXACT same hardware! I used PVC pipe in my living room for my rods. HUGE money saver!


  6. do these curtains go all the way across the windows? also what is the rule of thumb for window treatments. it is 1 1/2 x the window? I think this would be great for my sunroom.
    thanks julie

  7. I did the same thing, but am thinking I might want to add fabric and dress them up a bit. By the way, Ashley are you the blonde or the brunette? Always wondering……………..

  8. I'm in the process of redoing several rooms in my house. I've been debating what to do for the curtains because they get SO expensive (I have 7 windows PLUS a sliding glass door). I would have NEVER thought about using the drop cloths. I LOVE it! Thanks for the idea, and thanks for sharing!!!!!!

  9. Love the combination of fabrics on the drapes. I did the same thing for mine and I just love them. I think it helps to draw the eye up and boy does it save on the cost of fabric. Yours look absolutely stunning and I really like your rod too. Beautiful room. Hugs, Marty