Hey guys!  I bought this iron wall plaque in Canton several years ago.  I had two of them and they were in my bathroom at my old house.  When we moved into our new home I found a new place to put it… under my bed:)  I was just a bit “over it”.  I was just kind of sick of seeing it… know what I mean??
I have a big blank space over my bed at the moment and remembered this poor thing hiding under the bed.  I decided that I could jazz it up a bit, add a little character and repurpose it!  Here’s what I did…
I started by purchasing a few things to add to it…
Yet another metal scrolly thing… at Hobby Lobby for $4…
And 4 little wood scrolly things also from Hobby Lobby for $3.00.
I used my Gorilla Glue Epoxy for this project…
For those of you that are unfamiliar with this product I want to share a few tips I have learned about it…
~It has the consistency of hot glue… not runny and thin like super glue… Yeah!
~ You have about 5 minutes of play time until it dries… yeah again!
~ It is a very permanant hold… Woohoo!
~It is a bit stinky but so worth it with all those other pros!!
I just squeezed a bit out on some foil and mixed it with the end of a plastic fork… how’s that for shanty;)!!
I put the GG epoxy on the areas where the little scrolly would touch the wall plaque…
Then I attached them!
I gave my little wood scrollies a coat of brown acrylic paint so that they would distress in a similar color to the iron.  I then used the epoxy and attached them as well to each end.
After letting that dry I gave the entire piece several coats of my fav… Rustoleum American Accents Heirloom White spray paint.  Most of the cheap, mass-produced iron pieces I have bought do require more coats of paint… not really sure why!
After letting that dry it was time to distress! I used my tool of choice… my 3M sanding block with 80 grit paper.  I just rubbed the block over all my edges and my scrollies.
And when I was finished it looked like this…
Don’t you think it needs a little something???  Me too! I used my Ralph Lauren smoke glaze to bring out all those new fun lines I just added.  Just paint it on and wipe it off with a cloth.
After letting that dry a bit it was time to find it’s new time… this time not under the bed:)!
I can’t wait to see all the fantastic Gorilla Glue projects for the party coming up!!  If you have not finished yours yet this would be a great time to go get some of that epoxy… this stuff does not disappoint!  Don’t forget to grab the button below!!

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  1. wow, even after you just added the center medallion, it was an amazing transformation. You have taught me the value of adding decorative accents to anything and everything.

  2. That looks fab over your bed. I have that same iron embellishment from Hob Blob that you put in the middle. Mine came white, though.

  3. Gorgeous!! It looks so beautiful over the bed. Thanks for the inspiration. Love & blessings from NC!

  4. Love all your awesome projects! Been reading for a while… I added you to my blog roll, come check out my blog!
    Keep the cuteness coming!

  5. Whoo hoo…although I didn't think it was that bad in the first place…you made me change my mind after seeing the finished project. GORGEOUS!!!

  6. Great job, Whitney! It looks really good with the embellishments. You guys are cracking me up with all your "revamps". You've got me going around the house thinking…"what could I revamp in this room…or maybe this room…"
    Like I need more projects!
    Have a great night!