I had good intentions of sharing some of my larger projects this morning but decided to go with another whatnot… I love how this little one turned out! Ashley and I were rummaging HomeGoods last week. That’s where she landed her super cute tea set for nothing. I was checking out the garden section when I stumbled upon this little shanty… I am certain it’s wonderful color of “not quite terracotta” is what landed on the clearance aisle for $7. Lucky me! I love the shape of it and the detailing on the sides, and of course everything looks good painted so….
I used my Valspar Vanilla Satin spray on it as soon as I made it home. After letting that dry I used my Ralph Lauren Smoke Glaze on the whole thing. AGAIN… did I mention how much we love this stuff? It is a staple for Shanty2Chic! It’s so easy… you just paint it on and wipe it off and you’re done. Love it. I had some extra dried hydrangea that I filled it with and I was done. My new little pot has a home on my serving bar in the kitchen. I walk past it and smile often… Thanks for stopping by! I will be posting this over at The Shabby Chic Cottage for Transformation Thursday… Check it out! http://www.theshabbychiccottage.net/2009/08/welcome-once-again-to-transformation.html

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  1. Ralph Lauren has glaze? Who knew! Well I didn't but then again there are so many things you just can't get over here on this side of the world.
    Great job!
    Love your banner btw, I am gonna steal that idea of mixing up the fonts one day!

  2. Gorgeous! I'm out of glaze so I'll have to buy some of that and give it a try!


  3. Ya'll are pretty amazing. And what you don't tell is that you do with with LOTS of kids under your feet. You never have just your own. Even with just your own, you have enough for a day care center.

  4. Great job. Looks amazing. I'm working on a piece that is getting a white coat of paint to update it. It's amazing what paint can do.